"It would be nice" "it would be cool"

After months of watching suggestions on games, I saw a trend of people opening their suggestions with either “it would be nice” or “it would be cool”. It’s funny to me that people find the need to say that when they are taking the time to suggest it.
Why would you suggest something that you didn’t think would be cool in the first place?

It’s like “oh I don’t like this idea but I’m going to suggest it anyway” lol. Or “I need to make sure other people think I think I like this idea”.

So what would you suggest ?
I think its a polite form to ask something from Dev, I would not like someone coming in my office and say I want that now :slight_smile:
I would prefer someone polite about it :slight_smile:

I suppose it is a nice way of suggesting, not that it’s a bad thing to do. Simply suggesting something doesn’t mean you’re demanding it though, the Devs have suggestions tab because they want people to suggest things.

I always found saying those things is like saying “Yea, my idea is cool and great” in a way lol.

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