Item bag lied to me

I picked up a bag that said it had an elongata pet in it, but when I put it in my inventory there was not elongata pet. Fix yo shit.

World can be cruel xD I think that pet can only come in a crate. So you would have seen a normal event crate. I guess it glitched the texture image used for the painting/pet itself? I am seeing texture glitches alot with loot.

Maybe a small chance that it was the pet and it glitched and the devs might see then if you got it. In that case give up the player name you used so they can check it out :grimacing: (if they have time)

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It’s just a really big boner killer. what the bag displayed was a picture of the pet, and the name elongata pet.

Pfff yah that sucks, but devs can likely track it. Possibly also check your client log yourself, in case you did not login and overwrote it, since then…

I didn’t think this pet was even obtainable in Reborn. Is there a way to get it now?

it’s just a reborn thing, was never obtainable in original orbus. it’s one of the overworld legendary drops.


Hi, I’m not sure what could have happened in this case, but did you receive a different item when you picked it up?

We can take a look at the logs too if you let us know around what time you received it and in what zone, but in this case it could have been the icon showing improperly or something like that.
We apologize for the frustration.


That’s like the only item I’ve wanted since reborn was released and if this happened to me I’d be pissed.

I don’t know what I got, but I got something else when I picked up the bag. I’ve had this visual bug before with other items, it just sucks that it displayed something really good and got my hopes up.

Just to add to this thread and more on-topic, I’ve been having this bug with corrupted icons on loot on a pretty regular basis. Seems more recent but then I’ve been playing a lot more recently.