Items went from 30+2 to 25+7 on a rune mage after leveling at battle grounds

my spell weaver wand i got from a shard dungeon and my cloth top valorous robes also from a shard dungeon both downgraded from 30+2 to 25+2 after leveling my rune mage from a battlegrounds mission please fix user name is DreamyDevil

Are the stats different than before? Or is only the level of the item different?

Do you mean that you used your roll in a shard dungeon while on your mage? Because looking at your armory profile your mage isn’t level 30 and you would then get gear for whatever level you were and not level 30 gear.

Or did you get that wand from someone else in a shard and then it somehow downgraded after you leveled?

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Hi, like Asmund mentioned it looks like your runemage wasn’t level 30 so you wouldn’t have received a level 30 item, are you sure you were above 25 when you did the dungeon?

As much as I know he got that wand at shard, someone else got it on his roll and trade with him.