Jelmiry makes me cry... - am I missing something?

Rickness unlike others I am not SWIMMING in mats, I tested 100 lures… without getting one nibble, weather condition was always raining!!! Even if I farm mats all days and quit my job to do fishing potions I would not be able to test with real lures with that spawn rate.

If I need to use real lures for testing plus potions every time, they just go down the drain for nothing and what p… me off most about all this mess is that half the server was having unlimited lures for quite a while, actually weeks to test all they want and figure patterns and do stocks and what not. Guess who was late to know, the smaller guilds, I practically learned that hours before the patch! Ok vent over.

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I haven’t felt that the type of fishing rod has any effect…

yeah me neither. But they say it is the case so I thought would just mention it anyway :man_shrugging:

I have 153 str (weapon), aged str potion and the 3rd best rod I hardly think anyone got a better now.

You used that for reeling in and you had still alot of trouble? :thinking: strange. Maybe lower fps playing a role again. Or the Rift vs Vive problem where Vive players reel in slower.

Change you grafics to low. It helps :wink:

Yea well nvm I read sometimes it skips in irregular ways like farther away than it should perhaps that was that and I literally only had 2 bites, in between quite some phoenix, before it stopped.
@Burnator low is the only setting I use actually.

Using an not enhanced strength potion (also not aged), 3rd rod and a 150str weapon, (and intellect pot, same one as str) i have 0 pullback from the jelmiry, it didn’t wiggle on the line at all.

Sidenote: I noticed the kylakin did without the str pot, but as soon as i put one on i have only seen it wriggle minimally, majority pulls on that one don’t wriggle at all
Playing as Mage

This confuses me, cause from the sound of it I have less STR than you do and nothing else different, yet no wriggling on the line?
I play on a vive, may have just been the randomness like you said though. I would be more interested on other peoples statistics.

Fished this one without any pot but fishing, 1h long, and zero issues. So yea seems pretty much random to me. I play on Oculus.


isnt that what is says on our website?

What? 20 characters

i get Jelmerys from trump from his pvp farm :joy: thanks lc for the jelmery

I thought the site where you finally found the fish was on our carnage website?
If not I’ll let troy know

No there’s only really 1 location, not the others already mentioned; and i’m posting that frequently that everyone from carnage likely knows it by now :wink: (actually I had pms of people finding it in HS before me… I suppose it can be found in lots of places actually just that it has a such random or at least non-frequent pattern that I am not really eager to pursue it anymore).

Yeah there are a whole bunch of places to catch them, our fishing guide needs to be more in depth lol

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When you guys update it, please also take a look through my map and let me know if I’m missing anything!

Map post here for reference

Yeah our fishing guide is just a rough draft, as it is directly stated on the page

Today I found it, finally…


In hs, lower lake, cloudy rain, night, ingame time 2:00-3:30

Lasted barely 20mins. I fished 12 in the entire time, using str, fishing potion, even luck potion… not even to speak of all the lures I tested in exact same weather conditions in last days, in vain. Was a pure matter of luck fnding it, because I fished other fish same time and had a potion on already, so I decided to test with real lures.
The nibble-method is likely worthless since it takes too long for these short time windows.

So yea, this fish’s rarity and difficulty exceeds its actual crafting value by far imo.

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Yeah, Ive crafted 200 enhanced strikes and have stopped fishing entirely for a bit. These fish make me sad. :smiley: Maybe more info will be fished up to make life easier.

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