Journal issues & Mobs calling for help

The journal has a couple more bugs attached to it, The Ice Lance page is a bit broken, not showing the entire symbol, and when picking up all of the quests in New Kingsport after finishing the main questline caused some strange item to render over all of the pages, blocking parts of the descriptions for quests & generally being in the way.

Also the Mobs calling allies needs to be nerfed, at least when you don’t have a full group. Me and Draven kept on running into constant bombardment of mobs, making it incredibly difficult to survive due to to the constant flow of mobs (easily 10+ mobs in some instances). Maybe you could implement an upper limit on how many mobs that can come to help when players aren’t in a full party?

Also Mobs that summon allies (Armored Wargs/Demon wargs) shouldn’t be affected by the ally call, as they can summon allies to their side automatically. One of them comes running and you can end up with 3+ more mobs to fight, which will generally end badly.

Also in Lamavora during the final Beta, it was possible for mobs to call from the aberration groups, causing the entire group to attack the moment you attacked the one that was called by the lone mob that you had just fought. Not sure if that last part is still around, as I haven’t gotten into the wilds just yet, but it could be a bit of a suprise when you suddenly had a boss on you

Can you be more specific about what we occurring here? Like you all were standing in one spot and attacking mobs and then they just kept coming at you over and over again? Or they were aggroing you while you were walking someplace? Or…?

In theory this shouldn’t happen anymore but let me know if it does.

If we attacked a mob, after a few seconds another one would come, once one of those two died, another would come to replace the dead one. That would continue until either both of us were dead, or all of the mobs in the immediate area were dead. When Urnsheme joined us while doing some questing on the spider island in the rainforest, the minimum number of mobs at once increased to 3. Draven also reported it happening while he was alone, but partied with me (Two mobs coming each time he attacked any lone mob), he was in the Lucian Plateau, while I was in Highsteppe.

Okay thats not how its intended to work, well do some more checking into it and see what kind of fixes we can get pushed out, thanks for the report. We are also looking into the Jorunal page bug, is there anyway to get a close up of it, or a bigger shot, and can you rember what quest you accepeted when it started showing up

(Well it’s not intended to work that they just keep coming over and over. It should stop after the first two unless you attack a third target yourself).

I believe it showed up around the time we picked up a few new Kingsport quests… anthropologist and the assassinate one, and the missing dog one. I can pinpoint it later from my recordings.

Yeah, there were definitely situations where we had several continual call for help adds in a row without pulling more.

did you happen to go to the Archelogist home and grab her journal also or did you just accept the quest and move on?

I think the calling for mobs should be fixed, let me know if you see it happen again.

We got the book from her house.

@Riley_D any word on the Ice Lance journal fix? Not a huge issue but it bugs me every time I flip through my journal.

There is a huge list of issues with the journal at the moment, when those are looked at the journal page glitch will probably be fixed. However that is down on the list of priorities i’m sure he has at the moment.

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