June 11th Update Feedback: Musketeer & other balance changes


Hi folks, since we expected quite a lot of feedback about these changes, please discuss the new balance changes in this thread once the patch goes live.


  • The base damage of Ranger shots has been increased by approximately 15%.
  • The damage bonus of Ranger globes has been increased from 8% to 9% per globe.
  • The damage of Ranger’s Power Shot has been increased by approximately 10%.


  • The Paladin’s anti-tankbuster mechanic (known now as “Light’s Defense”) is now activated by raising the off-hand into the air. You will see a transparent shield appear in your vision while it is active. It lasts for 1.5 seconds. During this time, the Paladin will reduce all damage taken by 99% regardless of how much energy is absorbed by their hammer. The cooldown on this ability is now 12 seconds.
  • The Plea talent which was previously activated by raising the hand into the air is now activated by holding the hand at a 90-degree angle to the body, like charging a sword for the Warrior.


  • The damage of the Shaman’s Lava Totem has been increased by 20%.
  • The bonus damage of Shaman Weakness when applied to targets has been increased by 10%.


  • The Warrior’s shield now regenerates in 12 seconds instead of 10 seconds.


  • The base damage of Scoundrel shots has been reduced by approximately 10%.
  • In addition to this, approximately 15% of the damage from Scoundrel shots has been moved from base bullet damage to damage that can be gained through the Showin’ Off buff.
  • The formula for determining the rank of the Showin’ Off buff has been modified, such that you can now shoot from a closer distance, or use less curve. You can also make up the difference of one or the other to some degree (e.g. firing from a farther distance will now let you use less curve, or firing with more curve from a closer distance). This should make it more useful to gain the Rank 4 and 5 buffs in more situations.


  • Added a charged shot (1.5s trigger hold to charge) that interrupts the opponent

  • Reduced cooldown on Cure Wounds to 12s

  • Weakness Orb

    • Affected creature takes 5% increased damage from all sources
    • Affected creature takes 20% increased damage from Musketeer
  • Reduced cooldown on Weakness to 6s

  • Frost Orb has been replaced with Impact Orb

  • Impact Orb

    • Does a large amount of damage to a single target
    • Splits damage among all targets in affected area
    • Does 50% increased damage in combination with Weakness
    • 10s cooldown
  • Gravity Orb now slows all affected enemies in addition to its normal effects

  • Reduced cooldown on Decurse to 4s

  • Total Recall is now an innate Musketeer ability

  • Empowered Turret is now an innate Musketeer ability

  • Lifewell is now a permanent ability attached to the avatar’s body

Tier three musketeer talents have been replaced

  • Curative Shield: Your shield orb now does a small amount of healing immediately
  • Explosive Shield: Your shield orb will now explode, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies within 4 meters

The Empowered Turret talent has been replaced

  • Charged orb: Hitting an enemy with an orb fired from a charged shot will increase the orb’s range

  • Renew has been buffed



the way this reads to me is

  • scoundrel base damage is reduced 25%, 15% of that can be recovered by some sort of tweak that was done to showoff buff. The change to showoff is unexplained (was it buffed 15%?)
  • the trajectory of the bullet is used now instead of the velocity/direction of the controller at time of shooting to determine the show off buff, so what you see is more like what you get.

is that accurate?


the warrior sheild cool down is going to be very difficult to tank trash when the cool down is longer and the trash move so much and dodging projectiles with the sheild cool from 10 seconds to 12 seconds


Pretty disappointed in lack of shaman changes.


It was indicated in the main thread that these are coming, just not this patch


A bunch of people did not feel that the 10% flat damage reduction was necessary but maybe a bunch of people felt that it was - overall everyone seems to agree that making it more curve-dependent is a good thing. Overall, I think everyone is fine to wait and see how the numbers play out - do you guys have any timeline in mind over which you’ll be evaluating the results of the changes?

It looks like almost every endgame warrior doesn’t like the warrior shield recharge cooldown extension because of all the super close calls we have with elite packs and because of how much we need the shield to draw aggro. The extra 2 seconds of completely unmitigated incoming damage sounds really scary when facing down 2 elite rats than can crit you to death in 2 hits without a shield up. I understand that you made the change to maintain parity between the paladin and the warrior tankbuster mitigation abilities for the purposes of the raid.
Again, this may be one of things where we have to wait and see, but from the endgame player’s perspective, the paladin provides significantly more damage, while the warrior provides a hamstring which can be a nice luxury to have but is by no means necessary on any fight.


Is the rat pull the main one you are anticipating issues with?

I think someone else mentioned this in another thread but it sounds like there may just be some really overtuned trash pulls that the shield mechanic was overcompensating for that just need to be nerfed…


Definitely not the only one, pretty much all the ones that used to have 3 elites and now have 2 elites plus 2 normal mobs have the same issue - I know you meant for those additional normal mobs to get cc’ed but all the cc besides polymorph can end up being pretty unreliable, and sometimes you just don’t have a mage in the party. Groups with a colossus and two normal mobs are also quite difficult as the colossus hits really, really hard.

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yes also like the 3 regular tear minon and one eilite tear staf hit hard and really need sheld if it does not come back it time like in 10 seconds my sheild will bome back just in time but 12 seconds i wil surely die from 3 regular tear minion


Pretty much every fight with more than three normal melee attackers or more than two if one or more is elite. Bad for paladin and bad for warrior, since the attacks cannot be dodged at all.


Charged orb doesnt seem to be working for me. Firing charged weakness or poison orbs did not apply to nearby enemies


So there might be a way I completly misunderstood the point of this but if i read this correctly I should deal 15% more dmg now on every attack? And it should have been 14% before right?

Because it was 8% per globe pre patch and 48% with 6 globes and its still the same after the patch.
So I either misinterpreted that line because of a dire wish of mine or something doesnt work.

Incase it rly doesnt work i would suggest not fixing it so it simply goes up to 15% per globe cause that would simply be insane but rather do something like 10% per globe(?)


Okay, so I was totally reading the wrong part of the code when I did that change. I boosted the bonus you get with the talent Overcharge (the bonus per globe when doing a Charged Shot), rather than the overall bonus.

So it should be that the damage bonus has been increased from 8% to 9% per globe. I will make that change and push it out.

EDIT: That’s live now for any new instances/dungeon runs, and will roll out in the Overworld later today.


No news/plans for added arrow slots on Rangers for utility? (slow, interrupt, kickback etc)


From what I can tell I can’t shoot my turret any more and kill it. This is a problem as it is the fix for the glitch when the turret stops working.


Ideally we would want for that to not happen ever again, is it still just completely random when it happens?


Ya it still seems to happen randomly. At the moment we have to sit and wait a really long time for it to refresh where as before you just shoot it and throw out a new one.

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I wouldn’t say it was entirely random before… Did you guys change something? If not, then a good deal of it has to do with positioning, ontop of the random failures. You can reproduce it by just moving it too far in one jump or a little further in several.


I liked being able to kill / shoot my orb early at times. That allowed me to have it back early so that I was able to “super charge” it again when I felt the time was right and not wait for it to disappear. Is hitting the orb with a shield or gravity not going to increase the effect radius any longer? I assume the new talent is supposed to take the spot of hitting your orb. Is that correct? The word “range” to me means distance, not area of affect.


I noticed the Showin’ off buff is way too easy to hit 5s now. What used to be a 1 is now a 2, what was a 2 is now a 4, and what was a 3 is now a 5. It takes very little curve or distance anymore. Do you think this is overtuned or was this what you were aiming for? It feels like the skill of high buffs is gone.