June 11th Update Feedback: Trickster Goblin


Hey folks, we’d like to hear from you in general about the new trickster goblins gameplay, so we’ll put all the discussion into this thread.

Relevant info from the patch notes:

  • Trickster Goblins will spawn every 8-10 hours in a random overworld zone. A notice is sent to all players on the server when this occurs.
  • Trickster Goblins can only be damaged by players with World PvP Enabled. When they are killed, they will drop a chest which can only be looted by players with World PvP Enabled, which contains one or more Trickster Goblin Tokens.
  • These tokens are not soulbound, and therefore will drop if you are killed with PvP Enabled.
  • If you are in possession of one of these tokens, you are unable to use Mage Portals or Teleport Pillars, Safe Zones will not protect you nor let you trade with other players, and you will have to wait 10 minutes to logout of the game.
  • These tokens can be safely stashed in your Player House until you acquire enough of them to make purchases at the Trickster Goblin vendor in Highsteppe, to receive unique items such as transmog styles and a mount.

have u done anything to fix hiding in walls since the last fix made it worse


It is? anywhere in particular?


the fact that the only way to counter someone hiding in a wall is to look through the wall to see them(otherwise they are completly hidden) but now u cant do that so they can perpetually hide in darkness

this was brought up a lot already so it should be known, with multiple threads on it


Also if you move far enough into a wall you will not be in darkness anymore.


I find that I’m not inspired to log in and hang around for a 2 hour window waiting that whole time for the goblin to spawn. I’m not a fan of the large spawn window, and the lack of notification.


The goblin isn’t supposed to be for people to just log in, camp, then log out?


I was dreading having to log in and stand around for up to 2 hours, but thankfully it popped up pretty shortly after I logged in. Here’s what happened:

  • Login and head towards Fellowship Court to wait for it to spawn.
  • See it spawned in Highsteppe. Me and a bunch of LC immediately teleport into Trader’s Road/Hidden Garden/Rope Bridge.
  • We run around for about 2 minutes, when I hear that someone has found it.
  • Goblin goes down in an estimated 30 seconds, 2 tokens are picked up, an invisibility potion is chugged, and the long trek back to the gates of Highsteppe begins. Not sure if intentional, but it seemed like they were stuck in combat the whole time.
  • See a bunch of other PVP-flagged folks searching for it, but we let them know it’s already gone.
  • Estimated event duration: 4 minutes.
  • Time until next event: 8-10 hours.

That last one has me soured on this whole thing. What is behind the decision to make this event so rare and unscheduled?


oh noes, almost all the issues i talked about existed in this run making the entire expierence dull, boring, uninspiring, stupid, and pathetic as a pvp experience with the only fighting happening after the tokens were already secure, and we were litteraly killing ourselves(outside the graveyard dropping party, what did u think i meant(but that too))

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why the hell is invisibility potion still an actual thing in what is supposed to be an event that happens every 8 hours. just stupid. I already said 100 times how stupid the invisibility potion is. Its just a cheese potion that needs to be removed from the game and isnt fun for anyone.

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invis is fine… if u cant use it when u are the actual person with the tokens like i have said. it was soooo easy, and unlike what trump said, it definitly wouldnt help us to have it not useable by the holder since what just happened


The trickster goblin is fun in theory but needs improvement.

Some changes that need to change.

  • It needs to be a set time.
    -There should be a server message to everyone that has PvP turned on of the name of whoever picks it up so people know who has it and that it was picked up otherwise you have people searching long after it is gone.
    -The shard needs to be in server message.
    -The initial notification needs to stick around longer. I suggest a 10-minute notification.
    -Anyone carrying the tokens should not be allowed to use potions.

Yeah if the holder cant use it then I guess it is fine… I like the idea of randoms popping out of nowhere because of invis but the person with tokens being able to is just stupid AF.


I disagree with set time then it becomes another spawn and camp monopoly for the only pvp fellowship on the server AKA riley added a mechanic which benefits only 1 fellowship which is not cool really.

I agree with the initial notification sticking around for 10 minutes.

I think a bright indicator above the token holder would solve the shard issue thing. Like a beacon of doom lolz.

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Old trickster chest day 1: everyone gathered in lamavora wilds and turned it into a massive war of many hours, many players had some of the most fun in this game.

Trickster goblin day 1: people lazily doing random stuff for 8 hours, some not even playing then start logging in for the 2 hours range. Multiple people of different guilds spend 2 minutes looking around until we find it not far from the town, take an invis pot and secure the tokens.

It’s honestly the most disappointing experience i ever had in Orbus, it wasn’t even worth the waiting.
There are some issue that makes it just a boring luck-based activity and some of those were brought up instantly after the blog post and got completely ignored:

  • You shouldn’t be able to use invis pots, it wasn’t an issue with the trickster chest since we could be ready on the spot but with the random location who finds it first wins.
  • There needs to be a server message when the goblin dies, so we can stop looking for a goblin that doesn’t exist anymore and start looking for red players.
  • It shouldn’t spawn in the Highsteppe area, even without invis we could have just walked to the gate without seeing enemies due to the short walk we needed.
  • Unlike what you thought about different shards, the first goblin spawned in a zone with 2 shards with no clue of which shard had the spawn
  • Again, REMOVE THE RANDOM TIME. Nobody wants to login for 2 hours with nothing else to do while waiting. Also if you miss one goblin the range will increase to 4 hours since you don’t know if the goblin spawned after 8 or 10 hours.

Now i have a question for the devs: was the goblin supposed to be a casual activity like it was today or more of a massive war over the tokens like the OG chest?

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it will never be a massive war again. there are not enough players in the game yet. Its a simple as that. Riley cannot make it a set spawn time otherwise it gets monopolized so it should be fun and casual. Sorry. unless its a queue system? but then its not a fun and casual thing.

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massive war is a bit much, i would phrase it is the chest suppose to be a pvp event where people can willingly go to fight for a reward or is it supposed to be a random luck drop that only the lucky people will get with 0 fighting?


also with u saying it will be monopolized, is pvp supposed to be something where a rando walks in and can have the same exact chance of winnong as a big guild? of course not. time skill and strategy are the name of the game, which has already been removed from battlegrounds, so why remove it from the only other pvp event in the game
there is no difference from how it is now to if it completely spawned on a random timer with no warning


We didn’t come cause we were testing the raid, therefore no war with us this time

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This balance needs to be found… having 100% predictable spawn times will just lead to monopolization which is not fun for anyone apart from the 5 people who own the monopoly… So yes, there needs to be some way to fight for it… But if its a group of 5 people vs solo PvPer then thats no fun really… organized PvP should be for PvP queue (which is yet to be fully working really too).

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