Just 1 question about shard 11-15


So uhh question regarding the new shards.

What will the rewards be looking like. Will there be +6? This is somewhat an important question because what if people get +5 legendary, work about a month to get everscent shards to reroll the weapon, and when finally the weapon is good rolls it’s time to replace with a +6?

Would be nice to know at least somewhat ahead of time if the current resources ie everscent shards (That are very hard to get now btw) should be saved or not.


Yes, it will be dissapointing as well that you don’t have to do the raids to get the best gear, however I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion.
Anyways, efferecent shards are incredibly hard to get, and I recommend there be another way to get them.


Meh. If the problem is that effervescent shards are too hard to get, I agree. You should get one from every shard 10 chest and every hm raid boss imo.

As for the +6…tiers are always going to be a thing. It has been a few months since hm raid came out… It is about time for new tier content.


Effervesentshards. Probably the last consumable in the game that is relatively rare, but far from impossible, and sought for by the top players who consume it in large quantitys.

I would actually prefer that they had more things like that rather then making it a common drop.


it isnt ‘relatively rare’ it is stupidly rare for a consumable. it isn’t uncommon to go through 100 of them to get the correct affixes on your wep. I’m totally fine with the wep itself being really really rare (and it is currently). it is absurd for something that you need 100 of to be only available through disassembling the already really rare gear.

also, having it drop from the last chest in a shard 10 and the chests from bosses in hm raid doesnt make it a ‘common’ drop… most people arent clearing either of them.

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Legendary weapons will soon be seen as worse than their epic counterparts as we all run out of our old stock piles of effervescent shards. This is why I had proposed a way to trade lower grade shards into higher ones months ago.


This !
I’d love to see a system like the gems upgrade on Diablo 2 :slight_smile:

(Something like 10 minor converted -> 1 major, 10 major converted -> 1 glimm, 10 glimm converted -> 1 effervescent. This is, of course, an example and numbers should be adjusted :wink: )


this would be nice, but i still cant help but think about all the times you run a shard 10 and you get nothing but a runemage reagent from the chest. shard 10 chests should drop effervescent shards and lower shards should give you glimmering shards… no exceptions. this is the only thing that makes sense.

This way you would be rewarded for doing extra runs.

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The thing is though if all shard 10s would drop efferscent shards that thing would be useless for some ppl (doing shard 10s daily), very rare for others, and impossible to get for the third type of player.


So seeing two suggestions for everescent, one including farm-ability and one offering reliability which is similar in ideas as if you could farm consistently, you’d have more reliably.

I have some revised ideas (and just an expansion on an idea) maybe both could be implemented or just one.

Have Everescent shards in the drop rate table for high level shards (Maybe 7-10[you can get +3 legendary so it’d make sense to have some drop there?]) but have the drop rate of the shard separate from that of a weapon and maybe increase the drop chance of the shard. [Not guaranteed]

The idea of building a shard up sounds very good imo, for farming purposes. Whats the point of a minor shard? To roll green gear for xp%? We get tons and tons of minor shards from farming and all it really does is add dram into the “economy” if we can still call it that. I think having shards being able to be upgraded would increase incentive to actually do the grinder, as more minor shards from monsters will mean more major/glimmering/everescent. There will be more things to do solo as it is more rewarding to do these things, unlike currently there is very lacking of solo content and rewarding solo content.

I side with the shard building, but I can also see the point of the first one.


Yes, and this was a brilliant idea, no clue why we still can’t trade lower shards in higher quantity into higher.
Legendaries are not the only problem, there’s double-affixes with countless combinations introduced on every armor and not a glimpse of the matching shard amounts in sight to reroll these (so most ignore them by now).

As for raids as the exclusive source of the highest gear that is a terrible idea anyway and a major flaw of Orbus since the OG. I mean, it’s 10-man content for a game with a server count of around 50 and consequently there’s hardly 3-4 guilds who can scratch up 10 level 30 players to do ANY raids, at all. Which as such comes down to not only being a skill-issue but a number-of-people-issue … especially the hardcore guilds should have an interest in competitive elements where more than two groups, and groups in different timezones than us prime time, can participate.

So raids are fine, but it’s actually about time there is at least an equal possibility for 5-man groups - with equally hard content - to get max gear; and I do think it should be +5 so the raids stay valid; because if numbers is all that count that is just meh for most, specially those in the “wrong” timezones for this.


My guess would be that shards 10, 11, 12 will be +4 and 13, 14, 15 will be +5

I do still think landru’s idea of upgrading minor shards should be added to help stabilise the economy a little

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15 should definitely be a higher tier weapon drop than 14, otherwise people can complete lower tier dungeons and stop after getting the best loot. Just as shard 10 being the only +4 drop currently works.