Just because a mage is capable, doesn't mean they are cheating


I am writing this mainly because of how many times I have been called a hacker in game.
PSA: If you see a mage casting like this, often times it is not due to them cheating.

(From what I have seen, the speed for the fire/frost was about 2.1 spells per second (would be 2.3 if I didn’t fail 3 spells))

Think we need a real life video along side to prove there is no robot arm attached :joy:


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There might be something to this cyborg theory.


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Sooo scary.
24 spells in 11 sec. And I bet you can go faster. Spell God @Sift

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I used to be able to cast at around half this speed at the weeks before Reborn, AMAZING JOB @Sift People never called me a hacker (just shows how good you are comparatively) Keep up the amazing work! We need more people to look up to like you! I could also never master a upward ice spell, always had to do it top to bottom, you should hold a seminar or something XD!


@Sift would really like to see a video of your RL hand when you’re casting that fast! Is it just a wrist movement or the whole arm? How do you hold the controller? And so on…

If I try to cast faster I tend to hold the controller very firm and that leads to getting a cramp quite fast :joy:


@Sift I don’t think you are cheatin, bbut i do think that they should put a hard cap on spells per second because atm runemage is the only class with no real dps cap.

Not having a cap close to the average dps of your class makes balancing nearly impossible. With your spellcasting speed, you are probably equivalent dps to an entire raid filled with average runemages. If this isn’t a problem, i dont know what is (especially after they put a hard cap on ranger shots/sec)


Stop saying that guys :expressionless: The better thing you can say the cap of the mage has never been established by the devs in balancing (they just assumed skill and latency was the only cap which is ignorant). Thus can in theory be so high (but also so difficult) that it breaks the fairness of the dps balancing game between the dps classes. But there is a cap (even though will be an insane number like 90k dps).


Before everyone starts saying about how a spell cap would ruin the class or whatever, think about how it could actually make it more interesting.
Like I said before in Js fireball 3 thread, if a spell cap was implemented you could actually start using fire 3 and frost 3 instead of fire/frost 2 and have it be a DPS increase if you’re good enough.
What spells you use would suddenly have a larger impact on DPS and how well you draw the spells would also be a lot more important.
I am a mage myself(not as insane as sift, but still) and I would actually like to see a spell cap implemented.


I am not a fan of a straight out spell cast speed cap because gameplay would feel horrible and clunky with it…

Instead i would focus on:

  • Higher bonuses for perfect casting
  • A ‘spell power’ system which implictly limits the amount spells you can cast in a timeframe.

Without these two i feel like it would just be a clunky reversion back to the old system (which massively favoured US players because of ping difference).

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If anything, a spell cap would favor those with higher latency who normally can’t keep up with the low latency players. Also i would still like to remind you that they put a hard cap on maximum number of ranger shots as well.

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Historically speaking, the old system in place would wait for a server verification upon drawing a spell which added a clunky ‘spell cap’ which heavily relied on server ping to server (giving us players an inherent advantage). If there is a spell cap it should not rely on this type of server verification. It should instead, be a gamified mechanic that inherently does not ‘feel like’ a spell cap. Such as the way they added ‘timing’ for rangers.