Just been stuck in combat for a very often :-(


I had a lot of fun tonight with nice group…but we all experienced the same thing…we got stuck in combat veery often!!

Most times it was enough to attack another mob to get out of it… but still it is annoying

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Hi, what content where you doing and what zone were you fighting in? Do you remember what kind of enemies as well? It may help us narrow down the cause of this. Thanks!


I think it was mainly lamavora but also around highsteppe…

It was not in dungeons however.


stuck combat happens all the time, the only way to fix it is to graveyard, since the button very rarely works


happens very commonly during raid


Had it happen a few times. In dungeons and in the over world, lamavora and rainforest. The Stuck in combat button has not been working for me. I usually attack another enemy and kill it to get out of combat. For me it is not happening super often, but it does occur once or twice during my time in game.


That bug exists as long as the game itself exists (including Orbus vanilla!) and is still not solved? :hushed:
Unbelievable :neutral_face:

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I almost get stucked in combat after every fight, it is SO annoying because stuck in combat is also not working :frowning:


So to track this down well need some specifics. Next time you get the bug if you can post

  1. Where it happened
  2. what class your playing
  3. if you are using teleport, or slide/teleport
  4. What monster you were fighting
  5. group or solo

this will make it easier to track down once we can get a sample size and find the common threads (always a musketeer, only in lamavora, always chaos tear, etc)


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Have you given any thought to adding a “report bug” feature that gives us a small text window to explain and sends the last, I don’t know, 10 minute’s worth of game log?

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idk if this is helpful but I seen ppl report multiple times if you do press stuck in combat in PvP that the opposite player gets unstuck instead of yourself. Maybe that has to do with it for PvP and PvE :man_shrugging:

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Most of the times we are in a dungeon or raid and kinda under time pressure, and then go to the PC and type and so on

Atropos suggestion is nice, add a little report bug window were we can type ingame and send it to you :woman_shrugging:

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after every raid boss fight 80% of the time stuck in combat as a musketeer slide motion, in a raid party


There is also this vague in between stuck in combat. You move as if you are stuck in combat but you can still switch classes. Might be most of the cases for ppl :man_shrugging:


Being stuck combat happens ALL the time in EVERY zone.

I am permanently kept in combat if someone attacks me and runs away

Its a really REALLY big problem just like desyncing happens to everyone all the time.

There needs to be a perma de-aggro by range from enemy and there needs to be some change to the network layer of the game so that desyncing is not possible anymore.

This is 90% of our displeasure in the game since original orbus to be honest…


Okay testing it out more today it seems to be only a stuck in combat every time where you only move slower. All other aspects of the game thinks you are not in combat anymore. You can still switch weapons etc. But always stay in the combat move speed until relogin

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