Just bought in - What to expect and where to start?

I didn’t see a general / support tab under the forums so I hope my questions fit here in the Community section. So a friend of mine raves about Orbus and I finally got around to upgrading my account to a Backer. I haven’t participated in any of the betas so I’m pretty stoked to get started. What do I do first? Is this MMO pretty straight forward in terms of where I go to quest? Are there quests or is this a grinding game? When should I download and when can I start playing? Any info is appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to answer. I have so many questions but i’ll leave it at this for now.

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Welcome Phillip :slight_smile:

Here is the download I think if I’m posting this right…

Sorry to say, the Beta will be over as of 12pm CST tomorrow (Friday, Dec 8) So jump on while you can!

But we’ll all be back to play on Dec 13 for the 24 hr Head start!


Quests are pretty easy to find. Any time you see an NPC with a ! over his or her head, give them a wave.

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You start the tutorial talking to Guardian Bart, and he will walk you through the steps, currently one of the “tip signs” is facing the wrong way in this build (sorry its fixed but not out yet). Once you get all through with him you will enter the “real” world with other players. The community is super friendly just talk to anyone if you have questions or post them here and we will help. Id also be interested in your feedback from the tutorial as a new player. You can post it here or just PM me with any thought. Welcome to the community


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