Just want to say Hi to the community!

Hey everyone I haven’t visited the forums or the world of Orbus in a long time to focus on talking to the community. I used to love wondering around and talking to everyone and meeting new people to play with. I’ve traveled into Orbus to check out some updates as they came along but never really stopped to say Hi except to my own fellowship and select GREAT friends I’ve made along my journeys through Pre-born and Reborn. So today I’m saying Hi to the rest of the community and other old friends I haven’t ran into. On that note see ya later people.


Also want to say Hi to @Mathieu_D and the rest of the Devs. Let’s do a tavern meet up Sunday and maybe let the community beat up you @Mathieu_D and @Damage_Da_Mage lol

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Hi! Rupert’s cannon now.

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