Kârma ownership change

Hello everyone,

Tonight Ansil was going to disband Kârma. I did not want to see that happen and I have now taken over command of Kârma. Zino is merging with Kârma and we are changing the fellowship name to Unity. Any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

Kill karma or kill karma

What is that supposed to mean

to be or not to be Shakespeare

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What are you talking about? Yes they are very active.

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Ok 9 active members, I stand corrected.

I don’t know I play with them a lot

They sure have been around for a while.

almost enough for a raid buddy

We have enough. You need to include the Zino members that are joining and richleth.

lol, richleth wouldnt hang with you guys if we was on heavy drugs

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in fact he takes pain medication when he plays mage. fun fact

not all the time, just every few raids

He tanked last week and said he would this week. To fill the dps gap I’m 1. Trying to get more mages and 1 shaman other than myself 2. Gear the fellowship up

Ah ok, look at richleth heroic as ever

Thank you Rupert

I only hang with em for the raids and shards as its hard for me to run with the same group every week. I don’t very often though.

This is not actually wrong. It started as a joke and I did it for a while. Stopped because it was old but I still do if im in actual pain.