Keeping dragon racing engaging


So I had an idea to keep dragon racing more engaging and worth coming back to. If anyone here played Final Fantasy XI and recalls, there were these gambling tables in the city of Jeuno that were added sometime around the year 2007 I think. Been too long since it came out, and it never really took off in FFXI. But it might provide a good basis for an idea here.

It worked something like this: each table had a set amount of Gil that it cost to play, and you could play with 2-4 people I believe. Fork over the money and once there were people entered it began. It was some weird number game, but that’s irrelevant right now. Winner would get the Gil.

My suggestion is to put tables, a board, or something near the dragon racing tracks to interact with to enter. Each requires a different amount of dram. 100, 500, 1k, etc. Players come up to the table, pay whatever amount of dram, and once there’s at least 2 people the race initiates whenever everyone clicks a ready button. Minimum 2, and maybe somewhere around 4-8 maximum players in a single race I think would be good.

Winner, or whoever makes it the farthest if no one finishes, gets the dram. It’s fair since it’s by agreement between players to start (if we can prevent cheesing the tracks), it would be fun, and I think it would help to keep players coming back to the activity more.

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