Kings Dinner 3 is broken

I’m trying to do the kings dinner III but i cant talk to the guy i keep trying and i just want to get horse mount

if anybody knows how to fix please reply

Check it you already have a quest from him and complete that one then you should be able to talk to him

i dont have the quest

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I don’t remember talking to that guy for the horse mount…

Is the quest called Kings Dinner III?

you need kings dinner quests done to do one step of getting the mount and yea it is called kings dinner 3

So I’m trying to remember if when he says something about guild city if it’s the start of the quest or the end, if it’s the start it’s most definitely broken and if it’s the end you probably need to do something else before you can do this next quest. I remember that when I did it I was told to complete all of the critter capture guys story quests and it might of been because it unlocks kings dinner 3 so if you haven’t already complete his story quests and that might fix it

I did do all the story quests I think I don’t have any now at least and he talks about guild city at the beginning

I’m not seeing anything in the quest logs where he mentions guild city?

@frank_m can you share with us what quests you currently have in your player journal?

I don’t have the quest that’s the problem and I can’t talk to the guy that gives it

Yes, I understand you do not have that quest…what other quests are currently in your journal?

This may help point to where the problem is.

Oh I’m at school so I’ll reply when I get home

Hi, it appears that you need to have completed the first lore quest from Mayor Kaia to receive King’s Dinner 3, have you done that one?


Idk I’ll check the next chance I get

It seems to me that this is a repeating issue.

Perhaps you could consider using 2 different pictograms for available quests:

  • gold for quests that can be picked up now
  • silver for quests that could be picked up if a requisite was met (and listing the requisite)

Just a suggestion. Seems like something like this would save a lot of headaches from both players and developers :slight_smile:

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I’m not doing it for xp I’m doing bc you need that quest done for the horse mount

I know, but it would still solve a lot of headaches for both the players and the developers if the quests themselves could give information on what is needed to make you eligible for them.

At least that is how i see it play out in my mind, there may be difficulties with this i haven’t thought of.

I think the problem with this idea is that these are lore quests that you pick up via conversation with an NPC. It is not a selectable icon like you see with mission vendors.

Know what I mean?

Perhaps it could be contextual clues given in conversation if you have not done the prerequisite that triggers the next quest. “I’m sure you’ve seen the mayor around town, something about her seems familiar…”

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I think the reason they have it where you can’t do one thing until you’ve done another because it follows the story like gutsash said and the world kinda “changes” as you do stuff so not getting to that part in the story could make you very confused on what’s going on

ok i final got the quest after the spice quest thx for the help