Korean language


I asked a question in January.
Do you support Korean
It’s been six months already.
Are you translating?
I want to play in Korean

Do you have any Korean language plans?

Not even sure if the game has translators.


The game only consists of a small community. Altho people from many countries play this game and would love a client in our native language we all have to deal with an english client.

If any other language would oneday come they probably do chinese and spanish first and i doubt korea or my own country for that matter would even make the top 10 list.


I can only recommend to learn english for games, except if the whole community is also korean (or german, or…). I am not playing games in my own language, even if there are translations. Trading and communication is much harder, beginning with item names. If items, instance, area, recipe names etc. are translated back to english, by players, to communicate, you often have to riddle what they mean.


“Learn English” must be best way to enjoy game.
But it’s too hard way for asian.

For example. Korea.
Not use Alphabet. Use 한글 (Han geul is Korean alphabet)
If I want to learning English, then I must learn alphabet first.

The word is different.
If you are German. you can imagine the meaning about “have” from haben.
If you are Portuguese. You can imagine the meaning of “information” from informação.
If you are Korean. you can’t imagine anything from English word.

The grammer is different.
If you want to say " Did you go to restaurant for breakfast?"
In Korean grammer " You breakfast did at restaurant go eat?"

And there is no opportunity to speak with native speakers.
Because Korean has to take a flight to go abroad.
It’s not easy.

So many Korean users have already abandoned the game.


This question has been asked repeatedly, and repeatedly it has been answered that yes Korean and other languages are probably coming, just not yet because the game is still in early access. Here are other threads with the development team’s responses.


Hello Seonkyu, I had many good korean friends, fellow korean students who learned german AND english. So, yes that is true, it is not easy, but do not give up. It is also the other way around, there are english-speaking people working or studying in asian countries who also have to learn the alphabet and everything. It is hard, but sure not impossible. Half the internet is in english - even these forums - so I believe it is still worth trying :wink: .

That said, if the developers add korean that would of course not be bad, but I think it is a matter of time, money and resources until it is possible, there are many bugs and other pressing issues that likely need to be worked on, first.


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