Lady in the lake Quest Bugged

My main quest line bugged out at the lady in the lake quest, savannah i think is her name. Anyway I went and got the bones from the bush and it didnt update, I cannot pick up the bones anymore and savannah wont talk to me. The wise one asked me to restart the quest which I tried but when he summons savannah again she wont talk to me. Anyone else having this problem?

my name is bazooka in game.

what quests do you have inside your journal right now that are related to main story?

It says completed next to it but its called old kings bones

Okay did you go speak with Besail the archeologist at the ruins in the middle of Kingsport lake (the big lake near highsteppe)?

yeah he wants me to get belle from the swamp i believe

Okay ya i think you might be talking to the wrong NPC (the one with belle is Hunter Derns sister in the town of New Kingsport in the Rainforest), you want to go down the steps from Highsteppe and head towards the Lakewood Inn. Once you cross the bridge by Leisa Falls start following the shoreline on the right and once it reaches the side of the mountains there will be a small land bridge that cuts back into the lake, where you can get onto the little island with the stone towers sticking out of it. Right before you step onto the island there should be an old man NPC standing there, thats Besial. He will start you on the next step of the quest (sounds like you already know where to go you just missed one step). If this isnt the problem let me know and we can dig into the system more.

there was 4 people with me and they didnt have to do anything other than what we did but ill go to the ruins and check it out.

I talked to the guy by the ruins and now its saying i need to find his final resting place but someone who had the quest said I should get remains from the rainforest, howeverI didnt get remains in my inventory? I am not convinced im not bugged.

It sounds like you weren’t on the step to get credit for picking up the bones when you did, because you needed to talk to the archaeologist first. I suspect if you picked up the bones again, you’d advance properly.

yeah I suppose I was wrong.

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