Lamavora Frontier Totally Empty

Am I missing something? I have quests to come here, but the entire zone is totally empty.

Empty as in there are no monsters or NPCs at all?

Correct. I wandered the whole zone. Had some quest items appear in the purple flowers (for quests I don’t yet have so I couldn’t pick then up). Stopped by some mountain top town, went into the mines, and checked out some buildings reminiscent of clockwork. No mobs or npc.

Btw second time that’s happened. I accidentally went into the zone a week ago maybe and never encountered anything that time either (was only in for a few minutes). Didn’t think anything of it at the time because it was shortly after exploring the wilds, which didn’t have NPCs or mobs for a dozen yards or so.

If that happens again, use the “Return to Graveyard” option in the Player Menu and it should fix it.

Thanks Riley! I’ll try that tonight if it’s still bugged.

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