Lamavora Hotsprings and the Lakewood Inn please bring back

So Lamavora Hotsprings and Lakewood Inn was the last two places that was mass gathered in OG Orbus’s final moments. I would really like to see the Hotsprings return to the lamavora mountain top and the Lakewood inn return to Patraeyl. Maybe since y’all chose to make player stalls and make the player shop locations obsolete maybe make one into the new Lakewood in location. It can be a nice place for players to meet up before shards or raids, or where players can go to relax and go afk, it can be a place where in game discussion and planning goes down. Or you could leave it as an empty player shop with no use or purpose but a waste of space. I think putting in the Lakewood inn and bar would be better.


hot spring bandits

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Man I read this and thought it was an announcement. Hopes got up then were dashed :frowning:

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Thanks @Scott for making my title more understanding lol

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You can see I did that? :astonished:

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