Last stand and unstable doubling


The last stand seems to be affecting the unstable, doing a double explosion damage.


Yeah, this needs to change, I does way too much damage. As a tank I have to stand with the mobs and can’t really avoid the explosions. With the last Stand and explosions a single explosion took more than half my health on a t6 shard and I still had a vitality potion running from the raid earlier.


I have a bad feeling that this isn’t a bug sadly :confused:


We just ran through a shard 7 Tradu forest… and the STAGS explode could just murder a full group of max level gear DPS. This is just extremely unfair.


That’s the way it was last time too. There were no changes then so I wouldn’t expect any now.


Well this time I hope:

  • They at-least respond by saying it is intentional.
  • Or fix the bug after enough complaints, because last time people just stopped posting anything about the problem.


We have pushed a fix this morning which should prevent unstable from being affected from other mutations such as Last Stand and Vindictive which can cause increased damage from monsters in general.