Last years seasonal quests

I am unable to remove lasts years seasonal quest. I completed it and returned to the npc near player house. It will not remove from my book though.


I have the same issue

I believe you can talk to the “Quest Clear” NPC outside the playerhouse to get rid of them.

I tried to use the NPC quest clear guy. The quest even tells me to go to him. It seems to be broken.

It seems like multiple quests are broken. Not only is the seasonal quest broken for me, but also the last quest in Arlo’s questline, and the last brotherhood quest are all glitched for me and stuck in my journal. The NPC does nothing for me.

Same issue here, says to return to the Quest Clear NPC, but I can’t get the interaction to work. Hopefully this is fixed in the next patch. Seems to affect everyone as well, I use an Index and I have a few friends who play on Quest 2, and have the same issue.

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