Latency and lag issues

I am having latency issues ranging from 300-6000ms, I live in Germany but never get such latency in other online games, even connected to NA servers in both VR and non-VR games.

It becomes difficult to hear people speak often.

I am using the Oculus Rift and playing it without SteamVR being open.

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In what areas of the game do you get the latency issues?

And are you using Wifi or Ethernet?

Other than that, check out these threads:

Or wait for the devs to help out.

From the start, i am ethernet.

The first post was fixed by not using SteamVR (I don’t)
and the second is still “open”

Than it is a hard problem to fix. Almost noone has these latency problems. Only a few so far. It could be specific hardware problem. Or provider (ISP) that is making the route to their servers more slow. Or a software bug. Might be even 3rd party software.

Running any other programs that might be related? And what are your computer specs?

Other than that, I can’t help :confused: (the devs might)

Edit: last tip of the unresolved thread was trying to reinstall the game. Did you try that?

I also live in Germany. I have the same problem. Its difficult to hear people speak and the game often loses the connection to the server, so I have to log in again. The worst part is the duration of the logins. While I see the rabbit in the meadow and the pink loading bar is full, it takes another 2-3 minutes till the game lets me actually play.

Ryan_W1 what provider are you using?
I am at UnityMedia. If I directly ping the game server I get a response of ~ 120 ms over Ethernet. Not using Wifi.

I will try to test Scott’s suggestions when I have my vive back. Ty Scott.

Edit: Tracert to the game server shows me a strange gap.

If you are having latency issues, then the first step is to figure out if it is just happening with the game client itself or if it is actually a network problem.

Open up a Command Prompt and do

ping -t

And let it run for around 5-10 minutes straight while you play the game. If the game is telling you you have 3000ms latency, is that also what’s being shown in the command prompt? Or is it different?

That sounds like a very strange issue indeed. What are the specs of your computer?


I’m from Norway and have much of the same experience.

pinging the without playing the game gives me consistent 120 ms.

running ping -t for a short play session gave this result:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 782, Received = 775, Lost = 7 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 120ms, Maximum = 3815ms, Average = 193ms

When I’m standing around doing nothing: 120 ms, but when firing spells, when mobs die and even when talking to an NPC completing a quest I get lag spikes (some times, not always).

I do have a slow internet connection 1.2 Mbps, but is running Orbus exclusively even closing Crome while I play.

Also I am running on a wireless and can’t test without, but it seems strange that I can’t notice this in other applications.

i7-3770K 4.1 GHz, 16 GB ram (1833 Ghz), 1080 GTX. gfx settings ingame is Standard and my FPS is fine.

edit: I can mail you output_log if needed tomorrow (it’s getting late in Norway)

Can you try going into just your Player House and casting spells and see if you get the same issues with packet loss and lag spikes in there?

Also, someone else noticed that the spikes and latency started just by having SteamVR (but not Orbus open), so you might check that too. I believe it was being caused by interference between the base stations and their Wifi card or something.

A little testing in the player house before bed :wink:

Playing orbus:
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 278, Received = 277, Lost = 1 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 120ms, Maximum = 2239ms, Average = 154ms

Steam VR alone:
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 156, Received = 153, Lost = 3 (1% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 120ms, Maximum = 406ms, Average = 138ms

I do see some spikes < 1 sec here and there, but It could have been when I was looking at the desktop ingame. All in all it felt smooth and lag free.

Reinstalled and same issue. Seems to be EU is having the latency issue though, on steam, reddit and here the ones with it seem to be from Europe

Can you follow the steps I outlined above in terms of the ping tool? That way we can narrow down if the problem is a connection thing or something to do with the client…

I mean in both of those cases you are seeing packet loss (which really should never happen ideally) and large jumps in latency. If it’s happening with the ping tool on the console, and if it’s happening with only SteamVR open, then it’s probably not anything specific to the game client. My guess is that something is happening either with your Wifi or your ISP’s connection to us is taking a poor route…

Doing the ping now, do you know if any port forwarding needs to happen?

None should be required, no…

Left it running a little and these are the results

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 511, Received = 511, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 109ms, Maximum = 349ms, Average = 120ms

This is without Orbus being open nor Steam VR, Oculus home is open.

Okay, so I would run it next time you’re playing and see if you are seeing latency spikes in the client that aren’t showing up there.

I can jump on now, the latency only shows up at times, does it only show up when high? is there a way to have it showing all the time?

Play for around 15 minutes then send me your output_log.txt file, it’s contained in there.

The game never told me about my ping. At least I havent seen it. If I use “ping -t” in command prompt everthing looks fine within 5-10 minutes. A few dips to ~250 now and then. Nothing about 3000ms latency.
Have you seen my tracert command to your gameserver?
My guess is the gap in line 10-11 is the real problem and not your game. So the routing from europe to your specific US server IP seems broken to me.

My specs are: i5-3570K 4.5 GHz, 8 GB ram (1333 Ghz), AMD R9 390, 120Mbit cable, wired connecting, HTC Vive.

On a side note. I gave my Vive away and will get it back around easter. So i cant do any ingame test right now.

@John_Arne_M @Ryan_W1 can you guys pls run “tracert” in your Command Prompt and check for the gap shown in my pastebin link?

Yeah based on your original post I don’t think yours is actually a latency issue at all. The loading issue you are describing isn’t one anyone else is having in this thread that I know of, I think it’s being caused by your CPU just being a little underpowered and taking a long time to load in. As for the disconnects, there are a few other folks running into that issue and I’m working on tracking it down. But I don’t think it’s latency related.

Yes I have, the spot where it doesn’t respond to ping at all could just mean the server is set up not to respond to ping (not all servers do). The one that would be concerning to me is this one:

  •  115 ms     * []

The fact it only responded to ping 1 out of 3 times is odd. That’s Limelight Networks which is just a general Internet backbone provider but doesn’t have anything to do with us specifically.

Getting other tracerts might shed some light on it, though.