Leaving pets at home

I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, but I think it would be neat if I can just drop my pet in my home and they hang around there. I have 3 dragons from the backer rewards and I feel just a bit bad that they stay in the chest rather than being out. I only carry one with me.

Also side thing, in the trailer i saw someone feeding the pet. What food is that? and does it serve any purpose atm?

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It is available as a prize from a quest in highsteppe. It doesn’t serve any purpose besides making that stinkin cute dragon happy :slight_smile:

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i’m down to have them chill in our house and roam around. if that happens ima wish i found out earlier about this game XD i want 3 baby dragons or however many there are! of course they’ll add different pets to the game eventually so that’ll be remedied

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