Left handed rune mage


Not sure where this goes but I just started playing or is vr, trying a runemage or anything left handed is still a trial, all the spell casting vids on YouTube show right handed which makes it worse for me, I hope the devs can fix this problem being for left handlers, instead of below the line to write and go right, a left hand is sort of over hand writing downward across a page while dragging right, it makes a difference when casting cause it takes longer for a left sometimes, please fix this issue with spell casting tracking for left hands


There has been talk in the past about left handed runemages having issues, but I’m not sure if there was anything permanent done about it. I thought I saw somewhere that warrior combos were switched, but besides that I’m not sure. Definitely should be looked at again when reborn comes?


Hi. Left handed runemage. Zero issues. Frost 3 was at one time considered practically impossible left handed, but I can chain cast it and it’s one of my most reliable spells. Any issues are because of normal runemage difficulty, not left vs right. I’ll be happy to meet in game to give some tips.


Yeah same for me. Left handed runemage and no issues with casting anymore.


My problem here is I try and stretch for left handed spells and Those don’t even cast, I can’t even cast the arcane middle which is just a arrow, and sometime my afflication 2 spell comes out firebolt or not at all, let alone the pushback becomes a mana shield?? Go figure this mage runes need to be retracted for left handers, it’s easy to cast inside my house but once it a fight I die too often to even level due to my casts breaking


…so can you do them without issue right handed? My argument is effectively that left has nothing to do with anything since I cast equally both handed and play very predominantly left handed.

Either handed, which I believe are equal in difficulty and skill, spells have their difficulties and issues caused by various things.

Ice lance is the arrow shape
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shortcut for arcane missile resembling an arrow
That one looks easy, but it definitely took me a bit to master.

I’ve never had normal affliction nor greater affliction come out as fire or frost. I either get it or I fizzle (sometimes I can belt it out, and sometimes it just isn’t my day. That’s on me regarding personal mastery and nothing to do with my left hand). Maybe a greater affliction shortcut sometimes comes out as fire? I don’t do the shortcuts.

I’ve never heard of pushback coming out as mana shield or vice versa. I’m starting to wonder what YouTube videos you’ve been watching of spells. Ask around in game for tips; mage learning circles in Highsteppe are not uncommon.

Most people agree casting within one’s home or outside in a calm not-crowded environment is easier. Once I could cast a spell calmly, I’d go die by king stag over and over and over until I could cast while panicking. And yes, sometimes things within the game can hinder casting, lag and whatnot.

Any issue with spell casting is 100% not because it’s the left hand. It exists equally for right handed too. There are just difficulties and issues. Some can be overcome with practice and not risking shortcuts (or perfecting shortcuts). Some are issues with our own computers or the server.

Maybe something in this thread will help.


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