Left key and teleporter in house. I’m locked out


Had to learn the hard way I guess. Whoops! My in-game name is Tundra


Go ahead and log out for a couple minutes and I can teleport you back in.


Thanks for the quick response! I just logged out. :sunglasses:


Should be good to go now. No worries!


what is the point of the key? can you guys just get rid of it?


Well, the whole point of the key is for the houses that you’ve owned or currently own at the moment… For example, you can have all four house keys on you (Highsteppe, Guild City, Rainforest, and Desert), not sure if there are more houses, but you get my point. Having the keys in your inventory means you can enter any one of these houses, but your exit location will be the property you currently own.


pretty sure you can enter any house that you come across, even if you havent bought it before. i do it all the time.


Not the player houses


Last time I asked about that they said it was a bug, and your only supposed to be able to enter your current house… that was 5 months ago


Kind of wish you had a house like in Howls moving castle, and just could just pick the door you wanted to exit from by rotating a color nob.

Yellow= desert
Green= rainforest
Blue= highstep
Brown= guild city


That’s a really fun idea


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