Less items, more dram

I basically almost never want regular gear to drop. For those leveling, too much gear drops. Salvaging tabs full of inventory is annoying. Can we just drastically reduce the amount of gear that drops and drop dram instead? As we are just going to have to shard the gear and sell it. It might also make a gear upgrade actually somewhat meaningful to a leveling player. Like “wow a gear upgrade” instead of “oh my 50th item this level”

Leave increased gear drop rates for dungeons chests for people trying to upgrade.

Idk when was the last time you leveled, but since leveling is that fast and we no longer level with kills, solely, you must have this amount of drops to get anywhere. Example I quested quite a while with a level 6 shoulder before finally the 10+ piece dropped. Less drops would not make gear “meaningful” but useless, because I would run around with lvl 2 pieces while being level 15 or so.
Also, gear IS dram, you can just sell it similar to a ton of hack n slash games where you are showered with it even more.

The only flaw of system which was brought up many times now is that there should be any easier way to do so than breaking it all down one by one. We need something like “break all green gear in inventory” or “sell all green gear” at the vendor. Or even an option “auto-destroy green gear drops to shards” (which could lead to real bad results though, if it does not work perfectly).

Reducing the drops is the worst idea, specially for players starting out AND for those farming shards to turn them into blues and glimmerings, like me. I don’t need dram, I need shards, like, a stack of glimmerings or more to get affixes on one piece. This whole turn-in vendor would be rendered even more useless if there’s less shard-drops.

PS: And then there is collector-style of playing, I farmed all the rare silver- and gold gear transmogs for all classes for a real long while. No point in that either with less drops or the rate for these would need to be up’ed drastically.

I’m leveling right now and drowning in gear from events and quests alone. Loot + grinder also drops a ton from mobs, but I do have full luck for that. In preborn getting gear was exciting & a goal. It is now commonplace. So I disagree with your statements about that. I don’t know what your leveling methods in reborn are.

Salvaging is indeed a flaw. I actually think gear should drop less even with a better salvaging solution, but I would atleast be satisfied with a way to easily break all the greens & possibly favorite items (as I run +xp green armor. But even then, I would not care getting blues or purples with XP armor as a quick salvage option would be so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much better lol.

Point 3 is a reiteration or a not a point but a summary. I still disagree w/ my earlier point.

As for PS point, I thought collections were supposed to be rare. I’ve broken countless gold/silver pieces so I doubt even a 90% reduction would make the smallest difference in the long run. To a new player starting their “collection” of green rarity foil armor, there would be initial slowdown but then later it would mean nothing. So I also disagree with this, given the sheer benefits of dropping less green items. Basically this is a really minor point with little payoff compared to the much bigger payoff of not looting a billion green items. I’d also like to see dram drops off higher end mobs valued more than 30 dram, another benefit.

This also ignores the point I made about giving dungeons or something increased gear drop chances as to let players seeking gear get their upgrades.

Preborn was very flawed in it’s looting system, because you had to go farm mobs way higher than your level to farm your next weapon. It was painful, but exciting when you got rewarded. Dungeons were comparatively worthless because of how long it took vs the payoff of the item you may/maybe did not get. A common suggestion was to make dungeons worthwhile for farming weapons and I think something maybe was done about that? But not quite? It’s been awhile. To reiterate, preborn had a worse looting system, needed fixing, but reborn has the complete opposite problem. At the very least, preborn gear-loot felt rewarding whereas reborn gear is handed to you every corner you turn.

Ya know since you don’t care about collecting you can’t have a clue about rates either. Might see the same gold piece over and over, too. I’m top 5 in loot bags if anyone should complain about too much loot I should lol. Now as for rates, I systematically farmed golds and silvers since start of Reborn, even turning in quests with the last cloth class which needed the piece, for weeks, and got the last missing gold piece only couple weeks ago.

Either way I play that many games which drop wayyy more armor (like 3 pieces per mob lol), the only difference in Reborn is the missing options to handle them imo - up to the point that you mostly got options in other games to not even pick up lower gear if it bothers you that much.
I personally like to get instant feedback of any kind when I do something, and xp is really not that, so i’m fine with loot.

Loot drops in the OG were not rewarding, look up old threads. That you barely get anything for doing dungeons was one of the most critized points, the community whined about that, that is why it was changed! (Now into the other direction a bit, but whatever, the old system made ppl stop playing cuz there was really not much incentives to spend an hour working thru dungeons just to get a stupid handful of dram).

[quote=“Metris_Marshmallow, post:4, topic:20402”]Loot drops in the OG were not rewarding, look up threads, that you barely get anything for doing dungeons was one of the most critized point whined about, that is why it was changed (now to the other direction, but whatever, the old system made ppl stop playing cuz there were really not much incentives to spend an hour working thru dungeons just to get a stupid handful of dram).
I was there lol. I just said that OG loot system had issues, but getting new gear, especially weapons, was rewarding…not that dungeons were rewarding. I also stated that it was often complained that dungeons were mostly whined about, so I don’t know who you are disagreeing with. I’m not going to restate the rest of the last paragraph I wrote prior, read it again.

I definitely do not care 1 bit at all about the foil armor, it is a meme and ugly armor. Recall I am talking about green tier armor as well. Just today I broke atleast 4 but I believe 5 gold pieces. 2 shoulders, a chest, and a glove (maybe a 2nd glove). I don’t know how that is rare. Collecting the armor is akin to steam or xbox achievements but takes almost no time at all. It would be harder for a musketeer or something who doesn’t have a DPS to help them speed it up but that’s pretty much it & they should AoE farm anyways.

lol re-reading my posts I sound kind of pissy.

Basically I agree that a salvaging system would at least handle this problem, and at this point I kinda just have to toss my hands up regarding the leveling/progression system in Orbus. They really should solve both problems, but we’ll likely only see a salvage fix (I pray).

I have to clean my inventory 2-3x every time I play. Dozens of potions, dyes, hundreds of green crystals… it’s pure insanity. Dram is just loot I can be happy with where green gear literally make me unhappy, even as I am leveling a new class because of how quickly I am upgraded and how worthless the next several dozen items I get will be. Even going from like level 12-15 the difference, while it is there, and it is impossible that I don’t receive an upgrade at 13/14, I could easily do level 15 content in level 12 gear. Especially as most leveling “content” is not content requiring you to advance in the game. But I don’t want to cycle back to progression/leveling etc lol. 30 dram is not worth the 2 clicks & arm motion I have to do, nor is 3000 dram for repeating that action 100 times, being over-encumbered, and running around dumping off items and selling them.

I think people got just different playstyles and goals in the game…

You level a class currently, xp is your goal, loot seems only in the way, which is understandable. I don’t have this goal anymore though, I leveled all classes a long time ago, and all forthcoming perk trees which interest me as well.

I log into the game to just “be” there, roam around, follow events, nuke mobs for fun, go back to town, sort what I all got, rinse and repeat. I don’t even mind opening chests as most others do, its one of the few things I still do in the game, as a ritual. Turning in my “prey”/loot is part of my game. Lowering drop rates would make me quit that activity.

However we do agree that the handling of loot and inventory could be improved, majorly and I’m all for more options to do so, the latest when I bulk-turn in my saved-up dailies during xp boosts the amount of chests gets tedious to handle. The least we should likely get is a button to break-down green gear and one to open all chests in inventory.

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