Let us enter custom text in LFG tool

“LFM Questing in Lucian Plateau” is too broad when what I want is “LFM grim reaper 3”

I get messages, ask if they want that quest, they don’t. There might also be people who need that specific quest but don’t bother messaging because they figure it’s probably for something else.

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The reason they did no do this is so people can’t exploit it as a trade chat.

maybe there should be a trade channel instead of crippling lfg

or let us choose boss names for a region and quest names. i need a party for sword of ma’at but questing in highsteepe isn’t exactly going to net me the right participants

Or they could give a drop down list of quests from your journal and you could use that in your search if its for a quest.

That’s a cool idea.

There could even be a button on the journal page to “find companions” for the quest that would take you to the lfg form with the quest pre-selected.

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I’d love to see an actual notice board in game where you have to run up and take sheets of paper off for group quests etc. Really slap you in the face with immersion :smiley:


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