Let us try melee DPS, this has to be the easiest fix

I’ve seen some amazing suggestions for dual wield, or completely new melee dps classes. While I would love to see the developers do something like this for us, it seems like there’s at least a simpler design that will allow us to test how the community would react to a solid melee dps joining the ranks.

Removing shield doubles warrior damage.

The mechanic is already in the game, putting round shield on seems about 2.5x more damage than wearing the kite shield, why not either make another item as a placeholder, or just make it a part of the warrior kit to remove shield and double our damage from what the round shield can do. (Someone can figure out the math) but it would make it so we can execute our combos the same, develop much less threat (no shield), and give an opportunity for all of us to live our flashy sword wielding fantasy.

Either put nothing in the slot to activate sword dps style, or perhaps give us a glowing blue gauntlet that looks like the shield effect so we can still see our UI on the off hand, and punch enemies to interrupt like shield bash.

I always feel so bad telling new players that the epic sword they just picked to start the game is about as effective as a paper weight at dealing damage and their orbus dreams are likely to be cut short when nobody will take them into content as a melee damage dealer. I just feel like this has to be one of the easiest ways to test it, and I don’t see much of a downside other than a short period of having to get used to having players that are slightly closer to the enemies than we already have to put our shamans.

@Mathieu_D , I believe in you guys, this can be the simplest fix (At least logically from a coding perspective) to allow the community to test the viability of melee. We already can’t use shamans on some fights, I’m sure we can find a way to get melee to work for some as well, and nix them on others. Even if you’re in the works of developing a different melee class, or class reworks to allow melee dps, this could be the best quick fix and opportunity to check how people will respond to melee as a real damage dealer.

I love this game and want to see it flourish. With the sudden surge in new players, I think it would be a huge driver to getting them to play to end game if we aren’t dashing their melee hopes right out of the gate.


I’m all for a change like this. I’m pushing hard for each class having two distinct useful talent paths, and for Warrior that’d be a Tank and a melee DPS. I don’t think melee DPS would work as well as people think it will, but I’m all for it being given a shot…

After they fix Bard. :smiley:


Just like Shaman doesn’t work well on slime boss, and ranger doesn’t work well on boss 1 in citadel, and scoundrel has a hard time damaging packs of mobs since they can’t single out their wild card target, I would love to have the opportunity to try it as we already know the community can handle the disappointment of their classes having clear disadvantages in certain situations.

I agree 100% on the talents btw, at least closer to viable would be a good start.

absolutely ^^^


I like this post =3

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Warrior DPS also doesn’t work well on slime boss (though ironically, the other melee “dps”, Paladin can) because the boss just moves too fast to reliably get your combos off while trying to teleport move at the same time.

Well then… you play another class. Not every boss is supposed to be class friendly. Just like not every boss is affix friendly.

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I believe melee warrior can actually work out mechanic wise and difficulty wise. Adding 1 small thing to the easy change of just upping small shield damage, would be increasing the dps increase of the warrior dps talents. Why? Because it will actually make warrior dps gameplay more skill based than just wound spam (although wound spam is challanging and engaging on itself):

  • Make the stun talent do more increased damage for warrior, making starting of with a charged wound a smart choice just for that short time.
  • make damage boost do more damage for warrior specifically (more coding, for future…)
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Haha where is the “Warrior is TANK not DPS” attitude??

Ive tried to talk about Warrior many times already and specially for the sake of solo play, dps change, etc and most of veteran / active players just steamrolled me… (im even sure they have really low real experience in mmorpgs whatsoever)

People here just wanted 1 class to do exactly 1 thing… no freedom allowed… too basic… too boring… :slight_smile:

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i think it would need to do more then double damage, you have to be up close and personal with the opponent, i do like the idea though.

awesome idea hunter

Idk man everyone loves mishkas idea. The reason we were against it to begin with is no one really considered the berserker line (from what I know). I like the idea of a melee dps as well as something like a paladin healer.

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I’m not sure what you’re getting at… do you want me to try and shut this idea down?

Mate… we tried… :neutral_face:
There were more people that tried to present to players the idea of giving love to warrior DPS talent tree and the ability for warrior to solo clear faster (big shield tree = tank for raids, dungeons, etc… / small shield tree = dps solo play with balanced dps and sustain) and nobody liked the idea of more dps for war in a same way like is presented below…

That is why I reacted to this post… so surprising :slight_smile:

I’ve since changed my mind :slight_smile:


Honestly? Love to hear that!
Hope you guys will be able to “make warrior dps great again” :slight_smile:

I think there should be a completely new melee class, it should do heavy dps for the players that master some hard to pull off melee combo’s, this new class should not be able to tank though. This would be really cool.

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I think it should have very high dps potential, however should not be able to tank hits or pull agro on command, crossing my fingers this happens.

I would love to see that…

Maybe some kind of cloth armored assassin with a scythe or polearm that allows them to attack multiple enemies at once, with the completion of certain combo strings resulting in an area spike or debuff… but would do much higher damage to a single enemy if no enemies were adjacent to your target.

Maybe the force and width of your swing could affect the damage dealt…

Instead of heavy armor they might have the ability to “Shadowstep” to and away from enemies. Shadowstepping away would break aggro, but also prevent them from dealing damage. Waiting till the tank has grouped up some enemies to Shadowstep in and blast on them would make more sense than just running up to initiate aggro. You’d have to make your time in order to be effective…

Maybe they could have a stance that would cause enemies to have a % chance to miss them or reflect a portion of the damage back at them…

Possibly a talent that allows them to turn invisible for a moment unless they hit something…

Staying alive would have to present the class with as much of a challenge as high output.

I dunno… but if they make it… I will play it! lol

I would love a class with a scythe!

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I’d love to see something like the Assassin from Wanderlust Rebirth or a Poleman. Giving Warrior something useful aside from just taking hits and spamming provoke would be nice though. Their only stun is on a longer cooldown than everyone else’s and they have the lowest DPS lol. They just tank, and Paladin still does it better and easier. Making the Berserker tree worth at least looking at would be a nice start.