Let us try melee DPS, this has to be the easiest fix

An assassin class would be siiiiiiick! Maybe like a ninja/assassin with shurikens?

except that would be ranged which completely defeats the purpose of this topic so forget i said that XD

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Maybe daggers that have different effects when you attack with them? Like a poison dagger, a slowed dagger, etc.

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I’m loving the support, thanks for all the constructive ideas guys. I am all for a full revamp, or new classes, Scythe sounds amazing. The only reason this post didn’t originally become a compilation of all the great ideas I’ve read from the community is I was hoping we could present the simplest option to implement without asking the developers to commit weeks or months on a new class.

If they can just make this simple change to let the community test melee for viability, that might open up possibilities for more melee dps classes, or a full rework of the warriors talents for a berserker, perhaps a dual wield!

I just hope @Mathieu_D or @Riley_D , or any of the developers are seeing this and the support it’s getting and like us, can’t see any huge downside to allowing their dedicated players to give this a shot. (Perhaps allow some beta testers to try out the talents.) I would really just like for people to finally be able to answer the question, "Could melee dps work in current Orbus?" and I can’t imagine an easier way to test.

Riley is dead, stop bringing it up :’( he died in a terrible PvP accident where 80 of us all murdered him and we never saw him again

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:skull_and_crossbones: :cry:

A PvP forum murder yes. :joy:

The reasons behind why melee DPS should not be added in have always been hypothetical. Even if it doesn’t work out quite as well as you’re hyping it up to be (which I agreed to this post ever since I started playing the fricking game) we will still get an enjoyable alternative way to play the game that would naturally force DPS players to actually pay attention to boss mechanics 24/7 (probably not quite that, but you get the point)

I feel like everytime I suggest something that would change how classes work, I get bashed (usually not even for the suggestion but for an unrelated suggestion), but when someone else suggests the same thing, almost everyone is okay with it…

Take that as confirmation that you have good ideas :slight_smile:


Giving us some kinda 2H melee class would be nice, or one hand is a weapon the other is something to be applied to the weapon or battlefield effects like coatings/bombs/whatever.

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Why not combine warrior and paladin and get rogue? Perform combos to build up combo points, hold dagger away to charge, then attack to spend points. Have three “tricks”, one stealth, one stun, one…whatever? Bam, a class I would play instantly.

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Opening up different ways to play current classes would satisfy a lot of people and give them more reason to play. The devs are currently working on balancing healers, balancing tanks, releasing a new raid mode with new weapons and armor (which for all we know may bug out making more work for them), and possibly balancing talents all with a small dev team. While I think your idea would be cool, the amount of work it would take instead of just balancing talents would be way too much. So much we would probably expect it Q3 or maybe Q4.

Interesting concept:)

Another thought I just had. Warrior is plate. If you try and play dps warrior on something like sewer rat without preventing poison, your average cloth and leather dps will be taking a lot more damage stealing some of the healing the tank should get.

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Do ranger, scoundrel and mage attacks still not go through other players? Bc I’d that’s still a thing then this entire thread is pointless. Bc if they haven’t changed it yet they most likely won’t change it ever.

No they do not. Big problem is if it were to bug in PvP and stuff goes through people.

No, they don’t, but it’s clear people don’t care lol


Look at it this way. It’s part of having a melee dps. Just like a solo warrior on boss 5 hmr. You need to kite but people are fine with that. You can’t use lightning strike on boss 2 and people are fine with that. It’s just part of it.

It is weird because Shaman orbs go through people (though totems don’t).

I’ve had shots go through bosses on solid parts too (obvious when my effect doesn’t proc) and hit on empty parts (where the boss has no physical presence).

So I don’t think that PvP and it going through people should be an excuse.