Lets really talk about the drops and pop in this game


so i posted before about the luck and since then i have raided every week usally about 12 or 13 bosses and have gotten one drop… it doesn’t work some people are at 2% drops and others are at 40% drops lets just say that any one persons experience isn’t enough but talking to everyone i know there is no possible way that the drop rate is 10 to 12.5% per person i mean i am at like 3% myself. but INSTEAD of that lets talk population to do a raid you have to get 20 ot 120% of the servers population at any given time to do a raid. like 20% of the EVERYONE currently in game subtract people who arn’t lv 20 and max there is like 30 people who can raid in the servers prime time. my 3% MIGHT SOUND BAD BUT for other people it would be a paradise those who are lv 20 with gear and simply don’t have the networking for human connections to pull 20% or more of a servers population to do raids. at this point yes you should be able to buy expert mode gear for 3x the cost in normal tokens or something half the people in this game that couid be raiding can’t because the population is so low. kinda not a good posistion for people who have been here and active for months or even from the begining. but what do we get for being here STATLESS CAPES AND WORTHLESS PETS. i get the gear won’t carry over but to deny so many people transmog gear cause what they arn’t popular enough? this isn’t highschool! the luck system is not working lets just face that and that coupled with the low population and the required gear skill and man power for raids. so i would like to say that yes we need more tokens if you run 40 bosses in a row with nothing to show for it as many raiders do its BS and again the low and only going lower until reborn populaition of the game makes raiding even harder. there are people out there that try everyweek and only get to raid like once a month and are also on a 3 or 4% drop rate? if you run a full raid in one go and get nothing for it maybe fore then 5 tokens would be nice or some other chance at raid gear if only transmog i would quest day and night if i could just get the transmog option on not gear. dunno just thought this was worth mentioning. so ya either more tokens or some of whatever whoever is smoking to think that the current system works either or i would be fine.
as always thanks for hearing me out yall have a good day


Just going to point out that you really have to be in a big guild to raid often; you have to be a great player to get into high level raids and be in a big guild or join a big guild raid, pug raids do not happen. I agree that the luck is broken though. I value the pets personally because you won’t get them in reborn and therefore they give bragging rights. If you want to join a raid I recommend go to the dysfunctional website and sign up.


as i said in the post i raid every week usally 12 to 15 bosses in the raid PLEASE read a post before commenting. i know how raids work and trouble in the raid was never mention or me having trouble getting a party but about a cap on in game content due to lowering populaiton. like if u started this game a little bit ago try doing a lv 10 shard with 30 ppl online 5 afk 15 either not lved geared or skilled enough. its ridiculous for ppl at this point to even try and with like another 3 to 4 months before reborn out that time gap is to big in my opinion. I am able to do this content but just cause i am doing it doesnt’ make things fair. maybe a player didn’t like orbus but wants to try reborn and wanted to get a head start. GOOD LUCK there are currently at prime time 50 ppl online and again a portion or afk or not leveled ppl plus the fact that most ppl have a small group that they are always with and exclude new comers making your choices or getting a group together well there are like 10 ppl max online a new player would be able to group with at primetime meaning at this point yes the game is dead all im asking for is hey maybe do something for those people. some of those people who you are saying arn’t good enough to go on raids could of been had they been able to find groups and gain skill…

so again PLEASE read a post before commenting i opened this to have a serious discussion about the state of the game in light of the low and lowering population. so maybe don’t call out someone as a newb when they have played this game longer and have experienced raid groups. and in responce to your pug raid groups don’t happen i have been in multiple pug raid group before but the population is to low for that at this time.and bragging rights for what hearing about a game first? kinda lame isn’t it? you completly missed the point of the post.


I’m going to just state that I agree with your points on how bogus luck is and player numbers are decreasing because things don’t matter anymore gear wise, the best thing you can do is level characters because top tier gear right now will be replaced very quickly. When I said that pug raid groups do not happen is that it is really hard to organize one, and people don’t generally bother. As for the pets giving bragging rights I would like to state that in my view it shows you have time and dedication to the game. Again these are only my opinions so don’t go running around like they are fact.


That is not quite true, sure hard and especially expert modes need more skilled people with good gear and there’s always someone organizing, and yet I join crossover-guild raids from day 1 they were launched. At first we organized our own with Rebels and Gummibärenbande, currently Dysfunctional organizes international raids and then there’s the regular open german crossover-guild raid with Gummibären. There’s even spontaneous pug raids now and then if you read the discord. But sure it gets harder, the player drop and people switching to other games to “come back in reborn” is a serious problem imo, I don’t even find random groups at EU-prime (evening) time since a while, wished we had more incentives to login than DTR before reborn comes out. Because who knows if those quitting now are really coming back. The dungeon queue was such a good idea for example, if it only gave any reward.

Apart from that I fully agree with Philip, topic has been brought up many times. Just as I feared, I am at 25 hardmode kills right now, 3 bosses a week, and finally got my very first drop yesterday, after over 2 months of raiding. Which is ironically a gun, the one item I already bought for tokens 10 bosses ago to be more useful in those raids. The combination of tokens and drops is what sucks most, people tend to save tokens and if you spend them to perform better you might be fooled even more, getting same as what you bought. So an either or is likely best and, first of all, a higher drop rate!!

As Philip stated, the reason people are currently raiding isn’t gear anyway, that’s all worthless in a few weeks, most do it for transmog and try to get skins for several(!) classes before reborn which for an average (weekly) raider is close to impossible.

PS: Playing more than 2 classes on endgame level is generally poorly supported, weight restrictions prevent that effectively; yesterday again 9 people would’ve needed to wait for someone to fetch gear from HS and run back, which takes simply too long, so he was stuck with what he had on him; several times I ran lower shards with “naked” mages using only their wand for the 1 boss where we need one; considered the many hindrances inventory restriction causes and the low effort of up’ing it I don’t really understand why that is not changed.


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