Let's Talk About Ultimates

I want to start out saying that I absolutely love the Runemage and Warrior ultimates. They are dramatic, hard to miss, impactful, thematic and mechanically tie strongly into their respective classes.

The Musketeer and Ranger ones are mechanically effective in that they enhance the existing gameplay through reduced cooldowns and increased output, but they miss out on that unavoidable dramatic flair that the other two classes now have. I can think of a number of dramatic alternates to these (death blossom, full-auto, dual pistols, yondu’s arrow, etc) but I wanted to gauge if anyone else feels the same. Thoughts?


I think the ranger and musketeer ultimate’s both need an upgrade in visual effect. But I think the musketeer’s ultimate really needs to be more spectacular overall. I almost not feel motivated to use the musketeer ultimate. It is just such a boring and useless power. You already get enough orbs in a fight to heal someone or effect an enemy. Unless your team really gets killed fast by a strong mob, then the musketeer’s ultimate will be useful for about 8 seconds (I haven’t counted) and people still die after that haha. Conclusion, musketeer’s ultimate feels useless for me and I like to see that changed.

Maybe for the visual addition of the ranger, make the arrows that you shoot have a very notable trail. And for the musketeer, make the character glow while the ability is in use.