Letter from the Director: Entering Early Access

There’s a new blog post up, including an Early Access Q&A at the bottom:

Let us know here if you have any comments/questions! Thanks!


yes realy thank you!, i buyd a vr glass for playing vrmmorpg (like sao,hack dot sign and so one)but its don´t appared , games was planned but don´t appared , i like the game, i think its a start for more mmorpg and so one, realy thank you for you great work und sorry for my bad anglish im a german person

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Awesome! Super excited to continue playing, thank you guys!

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Awsom game glad I was able to become a founder and I love that you are active in the community thank you so much I look forward to seeing any thing new

But I do have one question
For the hidden quests will we be able to tell what were missing if we know what’s needed?

Ex I know because a player toled me that quest x requires me to get catch x big of a certain fish but I have yet to get one that big but once I do quest will be unlocked and at y location

Mind you I am Not asking if there’s a in game hidden quest tracker just if there linked to acheavments and quests or if instead there linked to other things that the game does not track

I didn’t even know there were hidden quests! how exciting! If that’s true I hope there are a whole bunch of them! that sort of thing is what allows for some truly legendary individuals in-game. Knowledge of the world is definitely power and knowledge that rewards you with something unique is the bread and butter of an MMO imo

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