Level 12 grinding?

Any ideas of good spots to grind for do up to lvl 20? Or get good gear for these levels?

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I suggest the desert, and it helps a lot to find a group to go grinding with :slight_smile: there should be plenty people around your level. There is a group finder tool in game as well as the community discord

Hmm I was under the impression that quests would be enough to get at least 1 weapon to level 20, is this not the case? Maybe you’re just having a hard time finding them? Can anyone confirm ? I’m only level 6 so I have plenty of quests in my journal.

Main story takes you to level 15. You will need to do side quests / grinding to get to 20.

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I stopped doing quests once level 8. I am now level 13 with 20% exp. I live the combat grind. Try the jungle and the desert.

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I’m stuck on the story because everything is to high. 1 quest I got to go to the bandit camp near the pyramid. Everything has a Star. And the only other quest I see is the one where I need to collect the rings. Which the first ring is in the forest but where the brotherhood is leads you to a dungeon which you need more people to do

And I’ve been grinding in the desert. Wasn’t sure if there was another step above that to use to get more exp

Theres not enough quests to reasonably take you to every next area unfortunately. The majority of the XP after the first few areas comes directly from grinding as quests are too few and far inbetween giving you a small chunk of the xp bar you have.

You basically have to expect to grind starting from level 8 if you havent started doing so already. Some players make the mistake of splitting their quest XP with another class and fall behind the quest chain level needed very quickly.

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But they kind of force you to need other players. And I’ve never used my quest xp for another class. But it’s an mmo, I’m expecting the grind.

The devs have stated that the intended experience to get to level 20 should come from 1/3 main quests, 1/3 side quests, and 1/3 from grinding and other activities(such as dungeons). So in theory, to keep up with the main quests, you should be frequently be doing any side quests you find in between main quests, along with grinding enemies for a decent amount of time every other level.


Yeah i’m taking the grind slow so i don’t get burnt out (happens much faster in VR since you get tired and even just standing can get annoying especially after work). I wish the quests could get you to 20 at least just on main and side quests. I do get sort of bummed that alchemy, fishing and other random things like that doesn’t offer any xp to your weapon of choice. fishing lvls itself which i guess is cool if there’s any reason to be higher level besides line tension changing (does it?). be nice to take a break and just fish for some xp. someone could even become a lvl 20 just from fishing or gathering/crafting. that would be cool. though they’d need to practice on the target dummy to gain experience in the class.

I think a lot of people would appreciate more quests to get to 20, or even enough quests to get to 20 even if the quests are mostly grind quests. It breaks up the gameplay and progression and makes the game more attractive to casual players who don’t like repetition.

The breakdown is kinda like this:
1-5 Highsteppe
5-8 Wenderwood + cave dungeon
8-12 Rainforest
12-16 Desert
16-20 either Wilds, Ice, or Frontier

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That’s exactly how I am doing it. Level 13 right now

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I actually grinded a bit in the desert before and then “Caught up” on the main story quests to push it even further as they are much easier when you can comfortably solo the mobs. (Level 13 currently)

Yea I went ahead and grinded before hand so I could go through the quests a lot faster. Got 30k xoxo from 2 quests in like 20min and most of it was traveling.

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