Level 30 Concentrated Healing Potion?


Trying to complete the Salvaging quest for making a Level 30 Concentrated Healing Potion. I’ve made a Concentrated Healing Potion but that didn’t cut it. I tried aging it, but that didn’t work either. Any idea what I’m supposed to be making here?


You need to make sure you’re using the recipe for the level 30 one, not the level 20, it will require Wilting Sun if it’s level 30

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Well that could be the issue…Any idea where I find that recipe?


I don’t remember which one it was tbh, there is a single potion recipe and a x5 one

Location Spoilers

I think it was in the wastelands, there are 3 journal pages you can get there, one in the cave, one in a broken ship looking thing and another at the public event

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If these don’t work for you/don’t give that recipe, the map I posted has what I think are all of the scroll locations


you need to craft the level 30 enhance healing its miss writing


Yep it’s enhanced healing, the wrong name confused quite some people by now…


yeah alot of guild member got confused


The proper name is the “Enhanced Healing Potion”, sorry about that I never updated the missions with the correct potion names, those were the older names. They will be updated with the June 11th patch.

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