Level cap increased

Do you think we will ever see the level cap increased from 30? Why/Why not?

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If they remake the game again or come out with a big update, possibly. But it would essentially make all 30+X gear worthless. A lot of people were upset their 20.3 weapons were useless after Preborn. They’d also likely want to rebalance most of the dungeons and raids.

I’m not opposed to it but it would be a lot of work :slight_smile:

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no itll be too hard and they’re lose too many players

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I think raising the level cap and adding new content for those levels would have the opposite effect. It’d probably help bring all my guildmates back, along with lots of other players who stopped playing because they’d done everything the game had to offer them. A higher level cap means people will start running shards more actively, to get their gear back up, and presumably any raise in the cap would be accompanied with new content for those levels.

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all gear would be wasted unless they bump those levels up. leveling wouldn’t be hard, but all content would be unplayable for a while as people level up. I’m not opposed but if they do it the way I think they would, it would triplicity nerf all over again. releasing new content would have the same effect you want.

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Something I was thinking is that if they do up the lvl cap they need a new item that can bring your current weapons/armor up a lvl that way instead of them being useless you work to get them up levels and the higher lvl shards will only drop these items


are you saying the base level or the + level cos if its + level that has to be probably one of the worst ideas I’ve heard. yes, offense intended (dont take that seriously but that would make hm cit useless)

I think stone is saying this mechanism increases the base level of your current +gear to line up with your new base level.

Current gear: 30+6
Item dropped from shard makes same gear: 31+6 or 34+6 etc


I like the idea of farming new +gear myself. :man_shrugging:


Why would all content be unplayable? You’re assuming a raised level cap means making everything harder, but Orbus already over uses level scaling. It would actually make it slightly easier in some areas (Forsaken isle, for the most part)

Same. I know a lot of people who stopped playing because they already have the best gear in the game, and even HM Citadel wasn’t really worth it for a increase of +1 to their weapon.

what??? shards and raids are level cap+. content would be unplayable until people leveled and that would take a while

To many old players would stop playing in my opinion

Shards and raids are at 30. Do you think they put in a variable that is “Level Cap” when made it? The enemies in shards and raids are not level scaled, they are set at specific levels balanced around level 30 players. However, raising the cap to say, 35, would not make it possible to bowl through a citadel HM that much faster. Sure, there would be an increase in DPS and Health for players, but the enemies would still out level them. Raising the level cap doesn’t mean raising the level of ever single bit of content in the game, and I really can’t understand why you seem to think it would.

Almost every MMO under the sun raises the level cap at some point, and they don’t make existing content harder, they introduce the possibility for the devs to add harder content. Currently shards cap at 15 because that’s basically the limit the majority of players can do. Allowing players to level up further would mean more people would take the bite of existing content and let the devs introduce shards at higher levels, possibly even as a separate form of shard, or just as level 16-18 shards or something

What is so hard to understand about that, it’s basically industry standard.

I am fully convinced that it would also bring back a large amount of old players. I know more players who quit because they ran out of stuff to run than Highsteppe has in it most days.

It appears they have plans to increase it in the future “Our current plans include launching 2-3 Mini Story Packs in 2020, with a traditional expansion to the game (increased level cap, new overworld levels, new classes, etc.) in the future.”


I wonder what the plan is now, since that says 2-3 MSP in 2020

which was two years ago.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing the remaining MSP sometime either late this year or next year

My guess is they were going to release some msp but decided to release free content instead so I’m not complaining that they haven’t released another one

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I would love to pay for a new MSP! I’m not sure how else the dev’s make any money. The initial cost of the game is low, and there is no subscription fee.

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I mean, I payed $40 for the game but yeah they should release another to get some funding