Level progress more quest-related in the future? Content question as well

Hi there,

Orbus is very grindy right now and that’s fine for EA.
Are there plans to make it more quest-driven in the future? It’s fine to kill lots of mobs to train your skill in class mechanics and stuff but personally I think the part of quest XP in leveling up is WAY too low. And I don’t mean make quests give more XP, just add lots more quests overall. Possibly repeatable ones as well.

This leads me to a general question about the status of this awesome game. Usually when ‘closed beta’ is ended the game should already feature most of the stuff of Vanilla version. There’s EA and Open Beta but they are mostly for fixing bugs and checking performance (technical and balancing).
If this was so, then I think despite the really cool advantage of being the first real MMORPG for VR, Orbus would not boost enough content for serious MMORPG fans.

Right now I feel a bit bored by the massive grind starting as early as level 4 or so. Even if you try new spells or attacks once in a while, it boils down to the mostly same patterns repeated over and over and over.

Thanks in advance for some insight if this will yet change some time soon! :slight_smile:

Hi there, something like repeatable quests may be something we’ll look at, and of course we plan on adding more quests in content patches, but just to double check, when you say massive grind at level 4 is it because you ran out of quests?

There is a bug going on around that level where Chef Lethrow doesn’t show you that he has another quest for you after you turn it in and that is the main story quest to follow, which takes you to other areas and should be alongside you until midway through the 10s. So if you didn’t pick that quest up, go wave to him again to pick up the next one.


I’d like some repeatable kill quests that take Dram to get. So you pay X amount of money to get the quest and it rewards you with flat XP, one of a few tiers of gold (should still be a net loss most of the time), and maybe the 1% reward being a valuable piece of gear or consumable. This would help give some incentive to the grind and let us non-lore people skip all the escort and incredibly long fetch quests. That and if you’re leveling a second class, your only option is to grind mobs (?).

This could also function at end game when farming mobs for various reasons.

Hey wow, no, he did not offer a follow up quest.
So eventhough he has no quest sign I can wave and get the 2nd quest? Will try right away.

Still, even with the occasional story quest woven into it I do not think it would make much difference. The hugely major part of each level has to be grinded painfully.

if doing the main story you should be lvl 4-5 in first cpl hrs without much grinding if any. The rest of the main story should take you to lvl 15ish, then there are some higher lvl side quests to get you more levels, there will still be grinding but shouldnt be amount your speaking of unless you are distributing the quest xp between multiple classes.

OK will definitely try to get the bugged quest now. Hopefully it works.
PS: <3 how you react quickly to player questions! Keep up the good work.

OK so I got the next quest (get red mushroom from Forest), turned it in… and that’s it. Some minor Xp for quest but no follow ups (tried waving) anywhere. Where can I continue main quest? :frowning:

Are you checking your journal? A new quest should have triggered with a notification in the area you got the mushroom. It involves collecting an important item.

The only notification I got “bring back the mushroom quickly before feast starts”.
I now read somewhere on forum the next part is talking to bishop. He, too, has no quest sign.
But sure, will check journal to be safe.

I just looked and you are on the quest, it’s called “Forest Secrets.”

This is a bug with not just the Chef, there’s some sort of display bug that sometimes hides all the icons above NPC heads. You notice it the most when doing highsteppe quests, The only what I’ve fixed it was logging or waving to another NPC that can talk to you which resets it.

Considering the only way to make dram is to sell resources at the moment, this type of quest seems off limits to most players unless the desire is to drain their money the moment they make it. Most of the money players are making are coming from quest rewards. Only a very few select people have large amounts of dram, which basically occurred before that patch that fixed the economy somewhat. .

I’ve seen this mentioned off-hand a couple of times and it strikes me as the kind of thing I should just correct explicitly. When we put that patch out in the first couple of days, having “a lot of dram” was like 4,000 or something. Now having that much dram doesn’t even put you in the top 100 of players. The dram distribution is following a standard bell curve which we’ve been monitoring closely, and the people at the top who have the most have gotten it exactly how you’d expect, which is playing the economy via grinding valuable resources to trade to other players.


Thanks for the clarification Riley.


Seems easy enough to work around. They could be introduced around level 6-10, when you’ve played for a few hours and at least have experience checking out what minor shards sell for. If they cost like 50 or 100 starting, you could possibly have the 70% reward tier recoup 40% of that or something, the rest would probably be covered by drops. Even a couple of equip drops would give the rest of the cost.

You could scale it up somewhat as the level increased, the purpose wouldn’t necessarily be a gold sink, though.

The question is, what is the purpose of attaching a cost to the quest? Why not just have these quests be limited to several times? Essentially here you are giving people a bonus to the grind by having them grind and then get quest xp lump sum afterwards. Why is there a cost to this if the entire purpose is to make it less monotonous for players?

Maybe you can explain why you want to charge dram for repeatable quests?

I think repeatables that are meant for leveling will get outscaled after the player does them a few times unless these quests are in bite sized chunks (10 kills per). And even then the question is where is the quest giver, how far do you have to travel to turn in, is it actually more efficient or is it smoke and mirrors to what you’re still doing, grinding.

The last thing you want to do is discourage people from doing something that is meant to help them by attaching dram to it. And even if you scaled the dram down to something small (10 dram to start the quest), why bother at that point? Why not let them worry about the drops as drops and not whether they will or will not recoup their costs? Seems to be overcomplicating the point of repeatables for the purpose of bridging the leveling gap quest wise.

I could support more repeatable quests if they’re longer and make use of the play areas instead of being more “Kill 5 of these” quests that run you back and forth from the NPC. That gets old faster than combat ever will, especially in VR. Wait until you start the quest leashing in Guild City and you’ll see!

I personally wish there were a lot fewer quests overall, but I know I’m a minority in the modern MMO era. The only quest I’ve enjoyed so far was “Kill 30 red tails” because it encouraged me to actually play in an area for a while instead of just running back and forth. It gave me an incentive to group with others and actually appreciate the area. I personally don’t see much point in giving people more things to do alone instead of encouraging groups, as the persistent multiplayer aspect is the best part of this genre.

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Yeah, I didn’t explain well. The system wouldnt necessarily need Dram attached, but the idea would be for it to be a gamble. You’d pay 100 dram, 70% chance reward might be 50 dram, 15% would be 120 dram, 10% 300 dram, 5% a blue weapon up to a certain level (scales to you as long as the quest isn’t “green”). So while you grind, you’re getting extra XP, plus a chance at extra dram or a good weapon.

You’re right that it may be better not to complicate things, but then I’m not sure if the extra rewards would be justified. In another game with a similar system (although the top reward was the most in-demand crafting mat), XP wasn’t even a part of it.

And ideally, you would be able to grab the commission from one of the signboards that already have assets made. They could be placed in nearby areas and you’d talk to it for the quest. I agree that the last thing this game needs is more walking across multiple zones for every single turn-in.

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