Leveling and balancing thing


for reborn ive been hearing rumors that there is going to be scaling so no enemies are too weak for you but i dont thing you should do that because it will ruin the point of leveling and kinda ruin my drive for the game. and everyone ive talked to feels the same way, part of the pure joy of playing mmo rpg’s is leveling up and feeling more powerful than you were before. but if you add the balancing it kinda takes that feeling away. developers can do what they want but this is my personal opinion.


I just went back to playing WoW recently and seen they had done that… canceled my subscription…But at least I get to play it out for the month.


im a level 20 and i dont want all my progress to feel like it was worth nothing, and i didnt hear that about WoW but im never playing WoW again for sure if that’s how its gonna be now. I love orbus too much to just quit it if the balancing but it will really move orbus down on my list. currently as the game is currently orbus is my favorite game. dont ruin it for me


There is a large thread talking about the scaling here: Dynamic Scaling

We definitely have been hearing everyone’s feedback and will be modifying how the scaling works in the future in according to those comments - we will have more to talk about for the beta this weekend.