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just recently i got Orbus and i am amazerd about the game.
I really like the fishing mechanics, but it is sad, tha fishing has an own level and does not level your main stats.
So fishing is nice for money but not for fighting.

So my suggestion is, to put the fishing exp on top of your last played fighting style.
If there is already a topic for this, please move it there, i didn’t find anything like that.



Another suggestion i would say is, that now they way fishing exp is, you get 40 xp per fish you catch NO MATTER what fish what level you are, that SHOULD change. What is the incentive for anyone to level fishing since once you do all the quests or BUY the fish for the quest to get the gear and you can catch any fish even if your lvl 1 fisher? So my suggestion is Change the way you get XP per fish, another words if you need a lure for a Legendary fish you should get more xp, OR maybe you can set the XP depending on the wight of the fish you catch… To me is very stupid that you get 40 xp NO matter what when what lure or what wight the fish is…
Thank you…


I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the fishing class will not be the same in the new Orbusvr Reborn. They decided it does not fit with the combat classes. Last time they said it was going to be another daily activity instead of an own class with levels and talents. If they still think the same way idk. But I personally think fishing levels are not going to play a role anymore in Reborn no matter how they change it.

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