Light glow effect

Light is, in my opinion, the most useless spell in the game. Why would you take the time to draw a spell to provide light when any other spell gives off almost the same amount of light. To give light a more practical use, you should make it so that when you hit someone with a light spell, it gives them a glowing effect for a short period of time. This would be useful for pvp, when you are fighting someone who is invisible, or if you want to see someone easily in a group of people.

The light spell used to stick somewhere when you cast it, so it was a way of increasing ambient light. That mechanic broke in Reborn and I’m not sure they ever fixed it. It was a handy spell in old Orbus. One of the dungeons was really dark and it was almost necessary to get through (Maeo’s Sanctum, if I remember right…?)

That’s cool i didnt know that, i would still love for it to be functional nowadays though.

They fixed it not sticking in the air a while ago, but there aren’t really any areas that are so dark you need it.

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Mishkas basement is pretty dark, I always need the light spell when I go down there