Like the game but

Its lacking. I know its early access and i want to love the game. I fell in love with the old school feeling of it right away. But after actually playing for real other than the short burst I did during beta just to give feedback and bug reports with no real want to level up a character. I am now finding it less than fun and with some major flaws that make some classes down right annoying to play.

Gameplay I love however exp feels well lack there of. While its nice to want people to group and grind in VR grinding is good in short burst not 24/7. Getting 50xp for each kill knowing the math is going to be 5000xp to level 100 mobs at best is a real snore fest. Like I said I do know grouping is a thing and you get better exp however most the starting areas are barren now and with no incentive to replay classes due to lack of quests (which is really the only way to level without grinding) and exp for grinding being so bad it makes it hard to bring new players in when they are questing and leveling alone.

Dungeons are great and fun when and if you can find a group. Honestly this has killed me ever wanting to make a alt character. There just isn’t anyone running the beginning dungeons anymore and there is no incentive to run them if you already have.

Rune mage honestly the inconsistency in spells and difficulty of some have drove me to hate this class. I know i am in the majority on this because everyday I see posts about how difficult it is to cast some spells. I know there is a minority that say its easy or whatever. But when the forum is littered with can’t casts spells or lag makes them impossible, etc,etc Something needs to be done for the majority or there will be a lot less players.

Rangers the class of none. Its dps with no gimmicks to help itself let alone a group. It has a minor crowd control trap but that’s about it. Really most groups don’t even seem to want me but at least I can solo. It would be one thing if its range was bigger than other classes or it had something to give it a need to groups. Trap detection or something. But its just a dps and it can’t revive or heal like a musketeer or mage.

warrior ok what happen in beta this was a fun class but now i feel like my arm is going to fall off with how little dmg they do and how much swinging i have to do also i feel their abilities wound. cleave are kinda useless they don’t do that much more dmg for the effort to pull them off.

musketeer honestly i can’t play this class its boring chuck orb shot mob heal if needed rinse repeat. Its honestly the easiest class to play and puts me to sleep.

Let me end by saying I am not trying to bash the game, but point out what needs improving in my own observation. Maybe I am wrong but it feels like since most my friends have quit that I might be right and I want this game to succeed.

Before I start I would like to say I totally understand what you are feeling here. But I am going to try and give you another perspective if you allow me to try? :slight_smile: Lets go through every point in order. (Keep in mind that not everything is a set in stone fact)

The grind can be annoying, but not everyone feels this way. I for example find it relaxing to grind for a a long time. It gives me more of a accomplished feeling when I do level up. There will be more quests or other things that level you up, but remember here that the dev team is still small, so they prioritize. They will definitely add more quests. And maybe find more ways to keep leveling. They for example recently added that you get 25% more xp when you train a lower lvl class than your highest lvl class. And more changes will come. We have to be patient on this one.

About the dungeons, I think you should still be able to find players to play those dungeons with. A lot of new players join everyday and they haven’t seen the dungeon yet. And people who played before also find it fun to play the old dungeons again with their lower classes. And even better, when the shard dungeon runs will be added to the game, you have to visit the older dungeons. So a lot of lvl 20 people will be running the shard dungeons than.

The Runemage… well I am quite sure the majority of runemages won’t hate this class. Negativity is easier to find than positivity but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there or less of it. Lagg makes the whole game less playable and enjoyable, so saying the runemage has problems with lagg is not fair for the dev team. I can go tell you every detail about the runemage I know of, but that will make this post unnecessary long. Unless you wanna know this. But the thing where people will think the most this class is unfair, is probably the lack of realization how important the shape of the rune is. Mainly because they think they drew it correctly when they actually don’t. Riley did an incredibly good post about this explaining why someone else with this frustration failed. Rune mage, casting while in a party is way more difficult? Still remember that the devs aren’t claiming the class is 100% right. They still try improvements like any other class.

About the Ranger. Well you are kinda right about the fact that the ranger feels kinda the least useful in a group for specific use cases. However, the ranger does the second best damage output for the group while also being consistent and less dependent on for example accurate drawing of the mage. This is still really useful for the group. About solo, the trap is a gimmick to help itself make a fight easier. There are multiple arrows with their own tricks. And in pvp, it is even a very useful class with things like using smoke, easy target hitting with the fire rain and way more useful things.

The warrior can not be a huge damage maker. Because it is designed to tank the incoming damage and control the mobs around them away from the other group members. Tweaking might be needed on things like cleave and aggro increase. But I am not sure about that because I haven’t payed attention to that myself because I haven’t played a lot with the warrior in a group. The arm problem means you need to get buff. You have to fight for your reward! :slight_smile:

The musket is a great last addition to the classes because it is less active on the body but still active on the mind. You still have to tactically aim and shoot and keep communicating with people and helping them stay alive. The thing about the musket being less demanding physically is a great addition.

What is really good to realize is that every class was made in mind for a different type of play style. Some people aren’t physically able to or don’t want to move that much. That makes the Musket a great class to choose from. Some people want a real challenge (where they might even like bragging about it -.-) like being able to cast all spells perfectly and almost feeling they will never succeed because it is so (unfair) hard to learn well. Mage is your class than. Want to do still a lot of damage and some skill but don’t make it way to hard to play? Ranger is for you! Are you really not liking being death fast and do you just want to tank those hits solo, help those teammates survive by getting all the attention or just want to get crazy with your hands? Warrior might be your choice than. It is a design choice that every class has it’s own weaknesses and strengths and we can’t give for example a warrior more damage because that would make a hybrid class and distort the balance.

But to be totally honest with you, I think it is not those features who are lacking that is the problem. I think the problem is the lack of a goal someone might set for themselves. (Just correct me if I am wrong here) Without a goal, there is no reason to like walking the road. Do you wanna find out what area waits behind you? Or do you want to just have a fun time with other players fighting the dungeon. Even the simple curiosity of what it is like being a level 20 player or what if I fished for days straight and tried to sell my collected 10000 sunfish? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to hear if I said anything stupid or you might not agree with me with some things. And for anyone reading both these posts from begin to end :sunglasses::hushed::sunglasses: respect.


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