Link to change your forum name


I see a lot of people using their real names in the forums and want to make sure that people know that that can change it to something less personal.

If you want to nchange your name in the forums click the following link:


Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile.


NP! I’ve seen people ask this in fellowship a few times and thought it would be helpful.


I was about to ask an admin to do so. Thanks for the link!


Huh…well fancy that. I learned something today.


How long does it take for the change of the username to be in effect? Changed it (and it still is changed on the account-page after reloading) but it still shows the same name here in the forum after nearly an hour or something.


Try logout and relog on the forum


Seems like that solved it, didn’t think that was needed anymore, thank you^^

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