List of cosmetic ideas for improved game play experience

Orbusvr suggestions:
Zone titles particularly in dungeons.

A way to scroll up on the system chat.

New journal entries opening to that new entry page.

Tinkering profession-
in house posters of known runes mirror
pet pen or room to display some pets or compare side by side
cloak rack or mannequin
portable repair equipment item thingy- perhaps a disposable anvil or permanent portable anvil through tinkering achievement
add msg board for house that player can keep notes on (perhaps craftable)
add fellowship message board that shows leaders for pvp or other stats like dragon race times or critter catch stats or fishing records etc etc
taxidermy kits for record fish and rare critters (if those rare critters trophies were removed bc mine are gone from great Hall after the tinkering patch).

Poster for potion box that explains it is for aging not storage.

Add tinkering box information to in house poster.

Show monster names before engaging or from a farther distance.

An easy way to cancel mount (or auto cancel mount) when doing dragon races.

Ability to see dungeon que announcement when dragon racing.

Ability to move world/zone map up a little bit or at least adjust transparency.

Ability to organize/sort quests or highltite/track quests.

Colorblind mode esp for yellow green (event beacons and potion brewing is impossible to distinguish for me.)

fix blank page for arcane bomb or explosion
add bookmark
add page for personal dragon race records
add critter catch stats in journal(how many of each or when/where we caught a rare)

Random stuff-
group pet races
icon list of buffs perhaps in journal on the recipe pages also have icons shown above exp bar like where it shows what role you’re playing in a dungeon likewise a pvp mode icon or color change of name (something so we don’t have to open up menu> settings> check to see if world pvp is engaged.

Add in game wall calendar that shows fellowship events or community events etc.

Add dungeon shard run que to activities tab.

Storage bin-
add store dyes button
add option to name tabs

Just a few ideas if the devs find any free time :wink:
I absolutely love this game and have waited/dreamed for 20yrs of a game that is so engaging and immersive. Thanks for all the hard work.

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Hey @Brookstom_H, We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the game! We are always open to suggestions so thank you for sharing your ideas.
Some things you may find useful:

If you point at monsters while holding the grip button, it will display their name and health bar. There is a toggle for this in the player menu under Settings->Graphics->“Static Health Bar”.

There is a bulletin board right outside of the Player House in Highsteppe with all of the latest updates along with upcoming events that you can check out at any time.

Thanks again for the feedback!


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