List of In-Game Achievements


Everyone once in a while, I’ll get a pop-up saying I earned an achievement, but it would be so much better if I knew which ones I was missing, so I could chase them.

Even if there is no way to view these achievements in-game (not talking about the steam achievements but the orbus game achievements), maybe there could be a way to view them through the API or even failing that, could we get a list of the current active ones?

I was thinking about trying to crowdsource the info from the things players have observed in-game, but it would be way easier to get a list straight from the devs.


I love going after steam achievements, now I have them it would be nice to see the in-game ones too so I could set new goals, I’m sure the Devs said they were adding them to the journal but that didnt happen with the journal update so no idea if this is still going to be a thing or what…


I definitely want to further expand the ones that are available as well as the tracking on these for sure. It’s on the list!


Awesome! In the meantime, is there any way (Outside of community crowdsourcing) for us to get a list, even if it’s just here on the forums, of the ones currently in game?


I will see if I can expose the achievements you have earned via the API, and then give a list of the available ones, so at least you have the data.


Appreciate it, that’s something I’ve been curious about for a long while as well.


There was no in-game achievement for getting level 20 fishing unlike the other classes


Sorry to resurface this again, as I’m sure the team is hard at work on Orbus Reborn, but it’s been going on 2 months now, and with the new world coming, I think many of us want to make sure we’ve had an opportunity to do all that existed (including achievements) in the current world. Even if it’s literally just a copy/paste list from the database of the in-game achievement names, we could probably figure out the rest on own on. Thanks for your time!


I second this! Thanks for bringing it up again


Just created a list of the achievements that wont be able to be gained in Reborn.


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