Living mounts like goats and such

I posted this on a different topic but figured it could be a topic so the people of the forum cold comment on it but i think living mounts would be amazing Id love to ride on some type of goat or bear or some mythical creature


another idea mounts that give you extra storage


more weight is what would actually be useful, you already have 5 tabs of storage, that should be more than enough for everything you need.
I don’t think the dev dudes want to have mounts with benefits other than the increased movement speed tho, so that which one you use is purely a cosmetic choice and not a choice based on benefits.

Back when mounts were first added to the game someone asked the same question of, “why no animal mounts?” to which the dev dudes said that, while it sounds cool on paper, in practice it was just odd having your legs inside a horse while you were standing and was mostly just immersion breaking. Or something along those lines, I can’t for the life of me find the actual post where they said that tho.

yeah i was thinking weight but typing storage

I found the link to the comment about “rideable mounts”. It’s the last paragraph in that really long post. :upside_down_face:


I want the blue pack beetle as a mount from the DLC just have it carry me :3

Have the goat pull a chariot you stand/sit on , immersion saved :3

Want a flying witch broom for Halloween event :slight_smile:

I would like class specific mounts , like once you hit 30 you get a class quest for a unique mount.

Have runemages have to collect tons of reagents and visit all the pillars again and perform a ritual near the chaos gate to have a mount summoned from it. Maybe have it look like an OG portal on a flat plane you ride or something.

Bad examples:
Paladins ride the lightning ( pilgrimage )
Scoundrels , playing card ( collect master deck)
Musky … life well orb mount (reenergize orb)
Ranger , riding quiver … (find arrows in map)
Shaman have totem mount … (carve treeesus)
Warrior ride their shields … (solo a boss >.<)


Or why not transforming into animals? Quick blink animation with sound of “oink” and your a talking pig! Taller person = “bigger” animal… could be fun :slight_smile:

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I guess the immersion is something to take into account although its a choice to use it so if some one really wants the full experience they dont have to use the living mounts and the ideas everyone has had is are very good