Loading character

My client is up-to-date and I keep waiting ten or minutes be I exit the game just to see if it as updated. My loading character option never loads.

Can you use the Launcher to submit a bug report so I can see your log? Its’ in the bottom-left corner.

Yeah np. I know you all are working hard to get everything running.:+1:

You are using the launcher that was in the download right?? This used to only happen I tried to open it through oculus. Remember you can’t open this game inside oculus yet.

Yes I am using the launcher .90

That’s very strange, you are getting back some weird data from our server. Not sure what’s going on. What happens when you go to this link in your browser?



For some reason that’s not what’s coming through to your Unity client…it’s getting a jumble of data.

Anything odd about your network setup that would cause that? Is this your first time playing the game or have you played before?

That is odd, I’ll check my network settings and I’ve played befor .

So I reset my connection settings back to default and turned off my firewall just in case that was it and I’m still have the issue

Hmmm…okay. That is very odd.

Just to be sure, you are using the newest Launcher, right? Not like a really old one from the last time you played? Just checking all the possibilities.

It was my proxy settings. I got it working!! Thanks for all your help.

Great! Glad to hear it!

I also was having this issue when launching Orbus directly from the oculus library rather than using the launcher.

same issue as Sulon…

game could be launched if thru desktop shortcut, but it would be stucked in loading character when launching the game thru oculus home library page.

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