Locations I cant find - Heathrun, Ocean Needle Dock

Does anybody know how to get to Ocean Needle dock and Heathrun? I have quests for these locations but I’ve never seen them on a map or out and about on sign posts.

Hearthrun is located a little past the zoological garden in the icy spit

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Awesome thanks! Last one to find is Ocean Needle Dock. There are a few docks I know of (one in the plains and one in Guild City) I’ll have to poke around more and see if one is the correct.

I’d recommend starting at the village of the Twins in the plains area of the midlands (past Narrow Orchard) and make your way towards/through Hulthine’s gate. I suspect keeping an eye on your compass in that region will lead you to your goal.

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Perfect! Thank you for the direction. I often forget about that compass.

can’t forget about that compass! it’s important.

side note: shake it and watch what happens. i had my volume up and almost shit myself.

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