Locked out my house

iv locked my self out my house XD i put my key in my chest alongside my teleporter so i have no way to get in my house is thare a way i can get a new key or something?

You can use your teleport orb to get inside and grab the key

Oh… Welll…

yeah i know but thats in the chest to XD

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Username checks out.


whats your in game name?

let me know when you’re logged out and I will move you back to your house to get it.

it should be KlutzyPanda

iv loged out thank you so much for this

Okay log back in and you should be in your house.

thank you. i loged in and i got my key and teleporter im not going to make that mastake agen XD

Dont worry your not the first to make that mistake and im sure you wont be the last

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If you didn’t leave with your key then how did you lock the door behind you? Also, rune mages should be able to create a portal into the home environment.


I did the same thing… Sorry to waste your time and thanks for any help! I do this in real life way too often… EvilWeevil is the game name.

Are you logged out right now?

EDIT: It looks like you were offline so I went ahead and just moved you back to your house, you should be there next time you login. Thanks!

thxs!! You’re the best!

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