Locomotion disabled while in combat? Is there much content?

Hey guys, so I’ve been researching this game for a few weeks now since I just got my Rift. I really like the idea of this game and it’s clear that the community here loves it. However, I came across a post on Reddit that says locomotion is disabled while in combat. Is this true? If so, WHY?! Seems like such a terrible decision and it would be a deal breaker for me.

Also, will the game be a good time killer at the time of launch? It seems the problem with many VR games is just a lack of things to do for a long period of time, which would be especially bad in an MMO since I want to just get absorbed in the world for a while. I’ve read here on the forums that people have already hit max level just from doing the few alpha and beta tests and that seems like a bit of a red flag to me.

Just wanted to have some things cleared up before I decide to drop the 50-100 bucks. (Yeah I’m a sucker for cosmetics)

The trackpad locomotion has been implemented in the last beta test. About the content, the devs said that reach the level cap (20 in Early Access) when the game hits EA will take around 100 hours, after this you’ll enter the end-game content.

Also keep in mind, the game is in Beta (see “Subject to Change”).

A great deal of information about the game is from back in Alpha. Many things are better and have seen dramatic changes.

Coming to this forum was the right choice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yikes. I suggest you read all the dev blog posts or something.

Yeah I figured you guys would be a lot more knowledgeable than the people who only played once and wrote it off. I see a lot of people bashing Orbus but I come here and read about how fun and addicting it is. That combined with how responsive the devs are here in the forum tells me they care about making a good product. I hope they will be able to pull this off because this game has real potential.

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Even after you get to level 20, there is end game content and pvp. This game is really fun. There is no other game on the market that you would want to play for 12 hours straight for 30 days straight. There is a lot to do and the game is so much fun. Easily worth the $40 price tag.


And just to clarify, smooth locomotion ‘was’ disabled while flagged for combat, you could still use teleport locomotion.

Teleport locomotion, outside and in combat, has a “charge mechanic, (e.g. stamina)”, where initially you can’t teleport vary far, but the longer you hold teleport button/wait to teleport, the further you can teleport. (to a max distance)

As of the end of the last beta, while in combat, Smooth locomotion shared the teleport charge (e.g. stamina) resource, which depletes while in sliding around (or teleporting as described above), and once depleted prevents you from moving. Your stamina regenerates while not using locomotion.

That sounds like a pretty good system to me. I watched the interview with the creator and I think I’ll be joining you guys in game. Sounds like its gonna be pretty great.

Jesse I felt the same way as you did with reading reviews of this game. Lots of people saying it was a totally empty world with nothing really in it. I started watching videos on youtube and while more content is needed(and obviously will be added) I wouldn’t call it empty by any means. Watching some streams of the game it looked amazing and like it would be a lot of fun to explore. The other people made it seem like it was a single town with miles of empty fields around it and nothing else.

I ended up buying it and I’ll be playing the next test. I really doubt I’m going to regret it.

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Most players are us/Canada so ‘Primetime’ is based on those timezones. Naturally once EA hits the population will surge and night time EST won’t be so empty (though no players = easy mat gathering!) If you find yourself having trouble soloing just run up to someone nearby and ask to party. Max party size is 5 and it’s such a better experience when you can go all out knowing you have allies to keep you alive :stuck_out_tongue:

Noo! I do my best harvesting at 2am! The road outside highstep was littered with rotospores!

Ahhhh, so being in Europe, I’ll be wanting to get up early on a weekend to do my harvesting. Sour will have to share with me :cowboy_hat_face:

When they called the game empty I think they were referring to content, towns and things like that, not the amount of people that play. It is somewhat empty right now but not even close to as bad as they suggested. Even then I think it is in a good spot and worth playing right now for sure but this is an outsiders view because I haven’t been in the game yet. Just watched a bunch of streams.

Oh I see what you mean. Yeah alpha was for getting the core systems in place and beta is for expanding on them and adding the meat and potatoes type content. The first 2 betas saw a lot of QoL improvements, new zone/dungeon, increased level cap, more story quests, but not enough to call it a full game.

Next test will have the rest of the zones in, all main story quests, max level cap, the final crafting discipline, among other things but I don’t think it will feel complete until EA.

The November 15th beta 4 will be 24/7 up until EA and I imagine that time will be spent adding life to the world. The main thing I love about the Orbus team is they won’t half-ass mechanics. They’re doing things in VR that haven’t even been attempted and every mechanic rework makes it twice as good as before. Hell, the original musketeer used dual crossbows haha. Always evolving!

They also want to leave new classes, mounts, and other complicated things until VR itself evolves so it isn’t more of the same but something you can say “I’m so glad they waited until X was invented!”

If you are comparing it to typical MMO games then, yes…it is very limited in terms quantity and quality of content. What they have is good, but there really isn’t very much of it yet. The depth of lore in the game is still pretty shallow. If you are coming to Orbus with the expectation of getting of fully fleshed out AAA-style mmo you are going to be left wanting much more.

On the other side, the game itself plays like nothing ever before. It is a full VR experience in an MMO world. The game itself is designed for playing in VR…this is really a first in gaming. This isn’t some ported into VR game (like skyrim, etc.) the actual game play is very cleverly crafted to take full advantage of the VR interaction and experience.

Considering the relatively low cost of the game and how ground breaking it really is I am sure it will be a major game amongst the VR community. It will be the standard for future VR MMOs for years to come…and I fully expect the big game companies to copy and steal much from what they learn in Orbus.

I’d compare it to what Ultima Online was for online gaming in the late 90s…it is still considered to be the grand daddy of a whole genre for the last 20 years. If you are a gamer, like fantasy, and like online games you TRULY WANT to get in on Orbus. If nothing there floats your boat and you just want another MMO to play, you’ll probably be happier with a more conventional 3d MMO right now.


Well said @John_T1, I agree wholeheartedly.

Agreed. It’s an error to compare Orbus with existing third-person viewpoint MMOS.

For a proper comparison, you need to look at existing virtual reality games. In terms of hours of compelling gameplay, Orbus has more than enough already to justify the price tag.

The only vaguely comparable game is Vanishing Realms, which has better looking graphics because 1) it’s single player and 2) it carefully constructs each area to minimise graphics load. As a result the game is limited in physical size.

AFAIK, there’s nothing in the VR space even remotely approaching Orbus. Hopefully a high percentage of the VR community will be giving it a go.

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I heard there will be an open beta before EA. That should have a huge amount of players. That’s the test we have to nail. If that goes south it’s going to hurt