Locomotion does not function on my Rift


Sorry for the poor camera work. It’s hard holding a flashlight and a phone at the same time.

My issue is that on all 3 of the locomotion options it only sometimes allows me to move if I hold the stick diagonally. Pushing it straight foward or backwards never works. The left one only works if I hold it left + down. The right one sometimes works right + up, and left + down. The sticks preform fine in any other game I play.

I can’t totally tell but I think what might be going on is you are not holding the controller straight. By default the speed and direction of your movement is based on the joystick forward/backward and then also the direction the controller is facing. So you want to hold your controller level with the ground and press the thumbstick forward to go forward full-speed. If you turn your controller left or right or tilt it up or down you will go left/right and faster/slower respectively.

You can toggle those options under the “Forward Direction” setting of the locomotion tab if you’d rather have it based on your headset direction or on your play space direction.

It functions the same regardless of how I’m holding the controller or which of the 3 settings I’m on. It only registers input diagonally.

Thanks for the prompt reply by the way!

No worries, that’s what we’re here for.

In the video you were holding the controller like straight upwards for most of it which is why I said that…what Locomotion settings do you have set specifically in the settings? Like “Teleport+Slide” I assume, and then…?

In the video I recorded it was set to head gaze so that it would be easier to understand my issue without my movement being all over the place.

I just found out that the sticks function normally when I’m gripping so at least there is a slight workaround.

So like if you’re actively gripping it works okay?

That is very weird. Haha.

Yup! If you wanted an example I’d be glad to show you. I’ll try to get the camera set up better so you know exactly what it is I’m doing.

For what it’s worth, i’ve been having that exact same problem with the Oculus Touch joysticks in Orbus as well, going back to the alpha test. For me it’s mainly the forward movement direction. Usually i can get it going forward if i try pushing the stick forward a few times, try pushing it only like 90% of the way forward, or wiggle it to the sides first.

My sticks are fine, as they work normally in other games.

It seemed worse today than usual. The previous few days it worked most of the time. It’s annoying enough, i assumed others would have posted about it by now. Even on good days i run into it several times in a play session.

I’m using the locomotion option where left stick is strafe and right stick is (smooth)turn, but i don’t really think it’s specific to that option. I don’t know how the game code is handling the joystick input, but sometimes it just doesn’t want to register when i’m pushing a stick full tilt in a direction - usually forward on the left stick.

I don’t think holding grip helps me, but i’ll try that tomorrow and let you know if it changes anything. I feel like i’m often using the grip button anyways, to get autorun started (appears to be activated by pressing grip while moving in a direction with the stick on the same controller), so i think i would have noticed if that button helped. In fact i assumed the autorun code may be related to this issue.

Same here, at least for not working all the time.
For me, I prefer to use left stick to move, and I have to push it diagonally instead of straight forward in order for it to move properly. Even then it’s only ~65% of the time. I slide it back and forth until I move.
I’m using gaze+teleport+slide.
For what it’s worth, (it seems) that if I hold my left arm out straight in front of me it registers better. But that gets tiring after long play sessions.

Can you both check to see if holding the Grip button down makes a difference like it did for the OP?

Okay, I think I figured out what’s going on here.

Try this – rest your thumb for a split second on the thumbstick while it’s in neutral before you move it. See if that fixes it.

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Yup! Holding my thumb on the stick for a second fixes it. Guess it has something to do with capacitive touch? Does this game emulate the vive touchpad inputs?

Also I should note that holding the grip didn’t actually fix the issue. It just made the stick a little more responsive than usual.

It’s an error on our end that I can fix, it’s not emulating anything but for some reason that signal is just coming out of order. I should be able to get it fixed in the next patch.

Oh beautiful! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for the next patch.

Yep, verified, as long as i have my thumb flat on top of the stick, there’s no problem with movement. Even if i push the stick forward without having my thumb on it, as soon as i slide my thumb up onto the button, movement starts. Touching the stick should definitely not have anything to do with movement.

Awesome, i’m super excited to see this fixed!

Hmmm…we did make a change where Autorun won’t trigger if your hand is currently in range of something it can grab (like your compass or your pickaxe). But if that’s the case it will have a Yellow Outline. If there’s not an outline it should work to grab to do it.

oo sorry thought it was wrong section but ya it doesnt seems to work i have my hand way out infront of me, not seeing an outline to grab anything either

did ask around ingame seems like its only me? which kinda makes no sense due to it was working yesterday

Okay…I will take a look and make sure it didn’t get messed up for some reason. Only other thing I can think of is, it will disengage if you have your finger/thumb on the trackpad (on Vive) or thumbstick (on Rift), so be sure that’s not it.

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