Locomotion Options?

You said you would have lots of new locomotion options during the Beta. Does that mean we can use Slide while in combat now? Have a few friends and myself waiting to buy into the Founders. We are just waiting on that option to be available.

These are what the new options are:

Sliding while in combat is still not supported. We are going to most likely do testing on that next beta test. So if that’s a deal breaker for you then I would wait until then. It’s still not for sure that it will even be something we enable long-term, at this point we’re just planning to test it out and see how it feels.

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Honestly, I feel like teleporting works really well while in combat in orbus. It allows you to be able to dash from one spot to another in a second, and is balanced so your teleport distance charges based on how long you teleported last. So if an AE attack gets projected, if you tried running out of that then you would get hit. Another example would be the lizard king boss where he puts down poison wells that will harm you if you stand in them. So if you tried to run out, then you would be hit more than if you teleported. So honestly it would be a lot of work on the developers part to balance every attack to account for if someone is using slide in combat. Besides, It’s really become natural reaction to just use teleport, and it feels better then you’d think.

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I have played. Teleport is not fun. I want the game to do well and for that to happen it needs options. A lot of people prefer slide for VR. Understandably some can’t play that way which is why I don’t ask for it to be removed.

I appreciate the response. I hope you guys get it added ASAP. I tested during the alpha and I like what you guys are doing I just can’t stand teleport along with most of my friends. We all love MMOs though and want to see this do well. We are just looking for options. I made a previous suggestion about splitting the servers into Slide and Teleport so you don’t have to balance the game around both being used during fights. I really think you would see population growth if that was available. Either way keep it up and I hope this can grow into something big.